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TV Music Collections
Recommended Titles

For additional Television titles Click Here

On this page are the best collections in print covering the specific area of TV music (with some. . . latitude). There is considerable overlap between some collections, so my advice is to use the "FIND" function at the top of your browser to locate specific titles (hold down Control key, and type "F").

Some TV titles have different names, as their actual title may not be what you think. For example, the "Beverly Hillbillies" theme is actually entitled "The Ballad of Jed Clampett. "Suicide Is Painless" is the theme from M*A*S*H, "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" is the theme from the TV show Cheers.

Easiest Piano
Great TV Themes - Big Note Piano

Easy Piano
Bradley's Best From Movies And TV
TV Favorites
TV Songs Then and Now
(intermediate level piano ,all lyrics, guitar fretboards)
Animaniacs !!
Big Book of TV Theme Songs - (check this one!)
TV Tunes

007 James Bond Collection
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Great TV Themes

Big Note Easy Piano


angela (theme from TAXI)
bandstand boogie
theme from 'bewitched'
entertainment tonight
theme from 'frasier'
green acres theme
happy days
hill street blues theme
jeopardy theme
johnny's theme
theme from king of the hill
linus and lucy
love boat theme
making our dreams come true
mission: impossible theme
the munsters theme
nfl on fox theme
the odd couple
theme from the simpsons
theme from 'star trek(r)'
where everybody knows your name

Bradley's Best: From Movies and TV
Easy Piano


In general, on the easier side of Easy Piano. Includes all lyrics, chord symbols, and fingerings. Bradley uses a more linear approach, keeping the left hand from becoming bogged down with chords.
at the beginning
because you loved me
beverly hills 90210, theme from
brand new life
can't take my eyes off of you
caroline in the city, theme from
chicago hope, theme from
dr. quinn medicine woman, theme from
dreaming of you
ER, theme from
final frontier, theme from Mad About You
flight of the bumblebee
foolish games
for the first time
for you i will
have you ever really loved a woman
how do i live
i believe in you and me
i believe i can fly
i finally found someone
i say a little prayer
i'll be there for you
i'll remember
independence day, theme from
jeopardy theme
john larroquette show, theme from
king of the hill
love and marriage
moon over parma
murder one, theme from
my heart will go on (titanic)
picket fences, theme from
rosie o'donnell show theme
song for mama
star wars, theme from
suddenly susan, theme from
that thing you do
x files, theme from
you were meant for me

TV Favorites

Easy Piano

Angela (theme from Taxi)
Bandstand Boogie
Entertainment Tonight
Green Acres Theme
Happy Days
Hill Street Blues Theme
Hogan's Heroes March
Jeopardy Theme
Johnny's Theme
Love Boat Theme
Making Our Dreams Come True
Miami Vice
Mission: Impossible Theme
Mister Ed
NFL On Fox Theme
Perry Mason Theme
Searchin' My Soul
The Addams Family Theme
The Brady Bunch
The Incredible Hulk
The Munsters Theme
The Odd Couple
The Toy Parade (Leave It To Beaver theme)
Theme From Coach
Theme From Star Trek
Theme From King Of The Hill
Theme From The Simpsons
Three's Company Theme
Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Without Us

TV Songs Then and Now

Easy Piano

Sorry, currently out of print
the addams family theme
the ballad of davy crockett
bandstand boogie
beverly hills 90210 (main theme)
theme from bewitched
the brady bunch
casper the friendly ghost
cleveland rocks
closer to free
come on get happy
dynasty theme
entertainment tonight
fraggle rock theme
theme from frasier
georgia on my mind
get smart
theme from the greatest american hero
happy days
happy trails
harlem nocturne
home improvement
i dont want to wait
i love lucy
im popeye the sailor man
the liberty bell
the little house (on the prairie)
love american style
love boat theme
making our dreams come true
the masterpiece
melrose place theme
mickey mouse march
mission: impossible theme
theme from the monkees (hey, hey were the monkees)
mork and mindy
the muppet show theme
nadias theme
the odd couple
rocky & bullwinkle
7th heaven main theme
theme from star trek(r)
star trek - voyager(r)
thirtysomething (main title theme)
where everybody knows your name
with a little help from my friends
without us
wont you be my neighbor?


Sorry, out of print / out of stock

This is a rather famous book, and is unfortunately going out of print. Of note is the song "Wakko's America" which is a song covering all 50 States and their capitals. Another is "Yakko's World" which covers gobs of countries. All of these are sung to well-known traditional melodies.
Level is intermediate, so this would be a perfect book for a teacher at the elementary school level. There are also separate lyrics for all the songs, which could be printed out for classroom use.
A really fun collection, full of clever songs that will put a smile on the face of any age group!! - RV

be careful what you eat
etiquette song
i am the very model of a cartoon individual
i'm cute
let the anvils ring
the planets
the senses
video revue
wakko's america
what are we?
yakko's universe
yakko's world
yes brothers warner we

Big Book of TV Theme Songs
78 of the All-Time Favorites



Huge collection! Excellent arrangements around the intermediate level, contains music from some of the greatest shows in the history of the world, including Popeye, Rocky and Bullwinkle, and of course more serious shows such as Hogan's Heros and Get Smart. If you love TV, you must be able to walk up to any keyboard, and rip into "The Odd Couple" and then tell everyone how your parents paid for 10 years of piano lessons.
Attemps at humor aside. . . this is really a fun collection of songs from classic and current TV.
I guarantee that if you ever have a party and leave this on the piano, anyone that plays will pick it up, sit down at the keyboard, and turn even the most serious event into goofyness!
77 sunset strip
addams family theme
alfred hitchcock presents
ballad of jed clampett (Beverly Hillbillies)
bandstand boogie
beverly hills 90210 (main theme)
brady bunch
bubbles in the wine (Lawrence Welk Show)
casper the friendly ghost
cleveland rocks (Drew Carey Show)
closer to free (Party of Five)
come on get happy (Partridge Family)
courtship of eddie's father
davy crockett
dynasty theme
entertainment tonight
fraggle rock theme
georgia on my mind (Designing Women)
get smart
greatest american hero
happy days
happy trails (Roy Rogers Show)
harlem nocturne (Mike Hammer)
hogan's heroes march
home improvement
i don't want to wait Dawson's Creek)
i love lucy
i'm popeye the sailor man
i'm so glad we had this time together (Carol Burnett Show)
jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie)
liberty bell (Monty Python's Flying Circus)
little house on the prairie
love american style
love boat theme
magnum, p.i.
major dad
making our dreams come true (Laverne and Shirley)
masterpiece theatre
mchale's navy march
melrose place theme
miami vice
mickey mouse march
mission impossible theme
mister ed
monkees (hey hey we're the monkees)
mork and mindy
munsters theme
muppet show theme
murder, she wrote
nadia's theme (The Young and the Restless)
national geographic theme
northern exposure (main title)
odd couple
perry mason theme
rockford files
rocky & bullwinkle
saved by the bell
secret agent man
simon and simon
solid gold
star trek
star trek - voyager(r)
thirtysomething (main title theme)
this is it (Bugs Bunny Show)
toy parade (Leave It To Beaver)
twin peaks theme
where everybody knows your name (Cheers)
with a little help from my friends (The Wonder Years)
without us (Family Ties)
won't you be my neighbor? (it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood)
woody woodpecker

TV Tunes



addams family
bewitched, theme from
bonanza, theme from
brady bunch, theme from
coach, theme from
different worlds
entertainment tonight
frasier, theme from
greatest american hero, theme from
happy days, theme from
happy trails
hawaii five-o
hill street blues theme
home improvement, theme from
i love lucy theme
i'm popeye the sailor man
jetsons theme
love american style
making our dreams come true
meet the flintstones
miami vice theme
mickey mouse march
mission impossible, theme from
mister ed, theme from
monkees, theme from
mork and mindy, theme from
munsters theme
murder she wrote
nadia's theme
northern exposure, theme from
odd couple
rockford files
solid gold
st. elsewhere, theme from
star trek the next generation
star trek, theme from
thirtysomething, theme from
toy parade
twilight zone
where everybody knows your name
without us
won't you be my neighbor

James Bond 007 Collection


The most comprehensive James Bond 007 collection in print, featuring songs from all of the classic movies. Very good arrangements, includes all lyrics, background to the movies, lots of color pictures that look just like me and my friends, etc. Melody is always in piano part, so this collection will work very well for piano (keyboard) solo.
007 theme
a view to a kill
all time high
baron samedi's dance of death
diamonds are forever
do you know how christmas trees are grown?
for your eyes only
from russia with love
james bond theme
licence to kill
live and let die
living daylights
man with the golden gun
mister kiss kiss bang bang
nobody does it better
on her majesty's secret service
tomorrow never dies
we have all the time in the world
world is not enough, the
you only live twice

Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers



Arrangements around the intermediate level. Lots of color pictures in this collection as well.
breath of life
forth eorlingas
gollum's song
isengard unleashed



Good collection, with (so far) the only arrangement of Cohen's "Hallelujah."
All songs have melody in piano part, so this will work as piano solo. Intros and bridge passages are included, guitar fretboards are also provided above the staff. Lots of color photos and background to the original first movie.

all star - Greg Camp
bad reputation - Joan Jett, Kenny Laguna, Ritchie Cordell, Marty Kupersmith
best years of our lives (part 1) - David Jaymes, Geoffrey Deane
hallelujah - Leonard Cohen
i'm a believer - Neil Diamond (Monkees)
i'm a believer (reprise)
i'm on my way - Charles Reid, Craig Reid
it is you (i have loved) - Dana Glover, Harry Gregson Williams, John Powell, Gavin Greenaway
like wow - Jimmy Harry and Sandra St. Victor
my beloved monster - E
stay home - Matt Mahaffey
true love's first kiss - Harry Gregson Williams, John Powell
you belong to me - Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart, Chilton Price

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