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is now maintained in stock.

Henle Urtext Editions
Mixed Collections

Classical Piano Sonatas HN-062 $25.95
C. PH. E. BACH First Prussian Sonata in F Wq 48,1; L. v. BEETHOVEN Piano Sonatas in g and G Op. 49, 1 and 2; -Piano Sonatas in E and G Op. 14, 1 and 2; M. CLEMENTI Piano Sonata in G Op. 39, 2; J. HAYDN -Piano Sonata in C Hob. XVI: 35; -Piano Sonata in G Hob. XVI: 40; W. A. MOZART Piano Sonata in f K. 280 (189e); -Piano Sonata in g K. 283; -Piano Sonata in C (Facile) K. 545

Easy Piano Pieces Volume I of the Classical and Romantic Eras very easy / moderately easy HN-134 $19.95
BEETHOVEN Allegro in C WoO 51; -Piano Piece, (Lustig und Traurig) WoO 54; -Bagatelle in F Op. 33, 3; -Bagatelle in g Op. 119, 1; M. CLEMENTI Sonatinas in C and G Op. 36, 1 and 2; J. W. HASSLER 9 Pieces for Beginners Op. 38; J. HAYDN Sonatas in C and G Hob. XVI: 7 and 8; W. A. MOZART Minuet in G K. 1( 1e);-Minuet in F K. 2; -Allegro in B-flat K. 3; -Minuet in F K. 5; -Minuet in A-flat K. 15ff; F. SCHUBERT Ecossaise Op. 18, 4 D 145; -Waltz Op. post. 127,15 D146; -Waltz Op. 9, 3 D 365; -Waltz Op. 9, 16 D 365; -Landler Op. 67, 5 D 734; -German Dance Op. 33, 2 D 783; R. SCHUMANN "Soldatenmarsch" Op. 68, 2; -"Frohlicher Landmann" Op. 68, 10; -"Wiegenliedchen" Op. 124, 6; -"Kleine Studie" Op. 68, 14; -"Erster Verlust" Op. 68, 16; D. G. T▄RK 11 Pieces for Beginners

Easy Piano Pieces Volume II of the Classical and Romantic Eras easy / moderately hard HN-135 $20.95
BEETHOVEN Minuet E-flat WoO 82; -For Elise WoO 59; J. BRAHMS Waltz in E (Easy version) Op. 39, 2; F. CHOPIN Prelude in e Op. 28, 4; -Prelude in D-flat (Raindrop) Op. 28, 15; -Mazurka in g-sharp Op. 33,1; -Mazurka in g Op. post. 67, 2; -Waltz in a Op. 34, 2; -Waltz in f/ A-flat Op. post. 70, 2; J. W. HASSLER 6 Pieces from Etudes en 24 Valses Op. 49; T. KIRCHNER 6 Preludes from Op. 65 Op. 65; ; F. LISZT Consolation No. 1 in E; F. MENDELSSOHN-Song w/ o Words in E Op. 30, 3; W. A. MOZART Sonata-movement in g K. 312 (590d); -Marcia in C K. 408/ 1 (383e); F. SCHUBERT Allegretto in c D 915; -Moments musical in f Op. 94, 3 D 780; -Moments musical in A-flat Op. 94, 6 D 780; R. SCHUMANN "Traumerei" Scenes from Childhood Op. 15, 7; -"Phantasietanz" from Album Leaves Op. 124, 5; -Romance in F-sharp Op. 28, 2; P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY 3 Pieces from Children's Album Op. 39

Easy Piano Music Volume I from Two Centuries HN-167 $20.95
C. Ph. E. BACH La Stahl, Musikalisches Mancherley Wq 117, 25; W. F. BACH Fugue E-flat from 8 Fugues; L. v. BEETHOVEN Bagatelle in D Op. 33, 6; -Bagatelle in A Op. 119, 4; F. CHOPIN Prelude in b Op. 28, 6; -Mazurka in a Op. post. 68, 2; E. GRIEG "Little Bird (Voglein)" Op. 43; J. W. HASSLER Allegro in B-flat from 6 Easy Sonatas; S. HELLER -Etude in A-flat Op. 47, 23; A. JENSEN Intermezzo in G, from Songs and Dances Op. 33; F. LISZT "Hymne de l'enfant Ó son reveil"; E. A. MACDOWELL "From an Indian Lodge" Op. 51; -"A Deserted Farm" Op. 51; F. MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY Allegretto in G Op. 72; W. A. MOZART Andantino in E-flat K. 236( 588b); -Courante in E-flat from the Suite K. 399( 385i); M. MUSSORGSKY "Eine Trane" Op. post. 70, 18; -"Meditation" Op. post. 70, 17; F. SCHUBERT -Scherzo in B-flat D 593; R. SCHUMANN "Eintritt" and "Einsame Blume" Op. 82; M. TAJCEVIC 2 Pieces from Songs from Mur-Island

Easy Piano Music Volume II from Two Centuries HN-168 $20.95
ALBENIZ "Zortziko" from Espa˝a Op. 165; C. Ph. E. BACH Abschied vom Silbermannischen Clavier Wq 66; W. F. BACH Polonaise in c from 12 Polonaises; L. v. BEETHOVEN Bagatelle in C WoO 56; J. BRAHMS Intermezzo in a Op. 76, 7; F. CHOPIN Nocturne in g Op. 37, 1; -Mazurka in g Op. 24, 1; -Waltz in b Op. 69, 2; M. CIPRA Old Dance; A. DVOR┴K Humoresque in A-flat Op. 101, 3; F. LISZT "Il Pensieroso"; F. MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY Allegro in G Op. 72, 1; W. A. MOZART Minuet in D K. 355( 576b); M. MUSSORGSKY "Im Dorf" Op. post. 70, 15; F. SCHUBERT -Minuet in E-flat Op. post. 122 D 568; R. SCHUMANN "Walzer", Larghetto", and "Elfe" Op. 124; F. SMETANA Polka poetique in g Op. 8, 2

Easy Piano Variations from the Baroque and Classical Periods HN-261 $17.95
C. Ph. E. BACH 6 Variations in C (First Edition) Wq 118, 5; J. Chr. BACH 4 Variations in G from Op. 5, 3; L v. BEETHOVEN -9 Variations on "Quant'e pi˙ bello" in WoO 69; G. F. HANDEL 5 Variations in B-flat; J. HAYDN 12 Variations in E-flat Hob. XVII: 3; W. A. MOZART -7 Variations on "Willem van Nassau" in D K. 25

Sonatinas Volume I Baroque to Pre-Classic with Remarks on Fingering HN-339 $27.95
C. Ph. E. BACH Sonatina in G Wq. 63, 7; -Sonatina in E Wq. 63, 8; -Sonatina in D Wq. 63, 9; -Sonatina in B-flat Wq 63, 10; -Sonatina in F Wq. 63, 11; -Sonatina in d Wq. 63, 12; -Sonatina in C Wq. 53, 1; -Sonatina in a Wq. 53, 3; J. Chr. F. BACH Sonatina in C HW XI/ 3,1; G. BENDA Sonatina in F; -Sonatina in a; -Sonatina in c; G. F. HANDEL Sonatina in d; J. HAYDN (?) Sonatina in E-flat Hob. XVI: 16; G. A. PAGANELLI Sonatina in D; -Sonatina in A; L. G. da PISTOIA Sonatina in B-flat; G. B. PLATTI Sonatina in F; D. SCARLATTI Sonatina in d K. 34; -Sonatina in c K. 40; -Sonatina in B-flat K. 42; -Sonatina in f-sharp K. 67; -Sonatina in G K. 169; -Sonatina in F K. 446; A. SOLER Sonatina in d; -Sonatina in G

Sonatinas Volume II Classic with Remarks on Fingering HN-340 $30.95
CIMAROSA Sonatina in B-flat ; -Sonatina in g; -Sonatina in B-flat; M. CLEMENTI -Sonatina in F Op. 36, 4; -Sonatina in D Op. 36, 6; A. DIABELLI Sonatina in D Op. 168, 5; A. EBERL Sonatina in C; J. HAYDN Sonatina in E Hob. XVI: 13; F. A. HOFFMEISTER Sonatina in E-flat; J. HOOK Sonatina in D Op. 12, 11; -Sonatina in E Op. 12, 12; Fr. KUHLAU Sonatina in A Op. 60, 2; J. PLEYEL Sonatina in C; -Sonatina in G; -Sonatina in B-flat; -Sonatina in E; -Sonatina in a; -Sonatina in A; -Sonatina in a; -Sonatina in F; -Sonatina in G

Sonatinas Volume III Romantic with Remarks on Fingering HN-341 $30.95
GOETZ Sonatina in F Op. 8, 1; Z. FIBICH Sonatina in d; St. HELLER Sonatina in D Op. 147; Th. KIRCHNER Sonatina in C Op. 70, 1; J. RAFF Sonatina in G Op. 99, 2; C. REINECKE Sonatina in a Op. 136, 4; -Sonatina in D Op. 136, 5; R. SCHUMANN Sonatina in G Op. 118, 1

Henle Vinyl Covers $3.50 each

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