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The goals of Sheet Music Online are: to provide high quality personalized educational resource materials to all teachers of music; to offer public domain, original, and educationally related materials to everyone with an interest in learning and enjoying music; to provide a convenient means for acquiring music and supplies at a reasonable price

It is our hope that everyone with a love of music will find something of benefit at Sheet Music Online:

Is your piano bench full of arrangements that were a disappointment? Perhaps there were much better arrangements in print, but you were not aware they existed!
That is our main purpose -- to look through and whenever possible, recommend the best arrangements we have found in print. We have been building this site since 1995, and hope to be around for a long time, recommending the good stuff, and on occasion, blasting the bad. . . !

Conceived of and implemented by an Assistant Professor of Music, Sheet Music Online is an ongoing and developing example of interdisciplinary application: Music - Music Technology - Computer Technology - Internet - Business. It is the hope of everyone involved in this effort to incorporate creative use of the internet as part of the music and industry component of the curriculum.
Thanks to everyone for visiting this site! I sincerely hope you find something here worthwhile! And please feel free to input your comments, suggestions, views, whatever your thoughts -- and political correctness is NOT a requirement!
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