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Irish Music
Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales

Recommended Titles

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Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
Library of Irish Music

British Classics - Int. Piano Solo

Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales


This collection is one of the best sources in print. Arrangements are traditional, suitable for enjoyable playing on the piano, or as support for singing. Each song contains a brief, interesting paragraph regarding the source of the song, earliest known reference, etc. All songs contain complete lyrics, and these can often be many, many verses!
Highly recommended collection.

all through the night
allan water
ash grove
awa, whigs, awa
baloo baleerie
banks of the roses
banks of the sweet primroses
bard of armagh
bells of aberdovey
bendemeer's stream
blow the wind southerly
bluebells of scotland
bold fenian men
buttercup joe
can ye sew cushions
charlie is my darling
cherry tree carol, the
cock robin and jenny wren
corn rigs are bonnie
counting the goats
croppy boy
cruiskeen lawn
cuckoo dear
david of the white rock
died for love
down by the sally gardens
early one morning
eriksay love lilt
fairest gwen
farewell but whenever you welcome the hour
flow gently sweet afton
gently johnny, my jingalo
green grow the rushes o
green bushes
hares on the mountain
highland lad my love was born
ho ro my nut brown lady
i wish i had the shepherd's lamb
i'm seventeen come sunday
idle days in summertime
is there for honest poverty
john o'dwyer of the glen
joy upon thy bright cheek dances
kevin barry
kilgary mountain
kind old man
lark in the clear air, the
lavender's blue
leezie lindsay
let erin remember the days of old
lilli burlero
little red fox
little saucepan
may day carol
megan's fair daughter
men of harlech
molly brannigan
monday tuesday
mountains of mourne, the
mrs. mcgrath
my boy willlie
my love is like a red red rose
o no john
o waly waly
o'donnell aboo
oak and the ash
oft in the stilly night
oh rowan tree
on ilkla moor bah'at
over the mountains
over the stone
parting glass, the
piper o dundee
rise rise thou merry lark
rising of the moon
road to the isles
robin redbreast
robin adair
scots wha ha'e wi' wallace bled
she moved through the fair
shule aroon
three ravens
time i've lost in wooing
tis pretty to be in ballinderry
to see a swanson
to the beggin i will go
trees are getting high
turn ye to me
two maidens went milking one day
wae's me for prince charlie
wark of the weavers
wearing of the green
weaving lilt
weel may the keel row
whack fol the diddle
when cockleshells turn silverbells
when pat came over the hill
will ye no come back again
ye banks and braes

Library of Irish Music
Varies - see below contents

Sorry, out of print

Huge, comprehensive collection, plastic comb (spiral) binding.
Arrangements are all at the Intermediate level, some slightly more difficult. A fascinating collection, with an amazingly comprehensive assortment of Irish songs and instrumental tunes.

all the ways to galway (piano solo)
another jig will do (piano solo)
apples in winter (piano solo)
bag of praties (piano solo)
band played on
barney's goat (piano solo)
beauties of ireland (piano solo)
because you're irish
behind the bush in the garden (piano solo)
believe me if all those endearing young charms
bells of st. mary's
billy the barber (piano solo)
birth of saint patrick (piano solo)
blackberry blossom (piano solo)
blackbird (piano solo)
boy for bewitching them (piano solo)
bunch of currants (piano solo)
catholic boys (piano solo)
champion (piano solo)
chorus reel (piano solo)
clay pipe, the (piano solo)
come back to erin
come o'er the sea
connaughtman's rambles (piano solo)
country dance
cruiskeen (piano solo)
cruiskeen lawn
cup of tea (piano solo)
danny boy
daughters of erin
dawning of the day (piano solo)
dear harp of my country
dear little shamrock
devil among the tailors (piano solo)
devil's dream (piano solo)
dick sand's hornpipe (piano solo)
down by the river lee
drops of brandy (piano solo)
dublin bay
durang's hornpipe (piano solo)
emerald isle, the (piano solo)
emigrant's reel (piano solo)
erin, oh erin
erin! the tear and the smile in thine eyes
fairy reel (piano solo)
father o'flynn
fisher's hornpipe (piano solo)
flannel jacket (piano solo)
flogging reel (piano solo)
flower of donnybrook (piano solo)
flowers of edinburgh (piano solo)
fox hunters jig (piano solo)
frost is all over (piano solo)
full dress (piano solo)
galway reel (piano solo)
gary owen (piano solo)
get up old woman and shake yourself (piano solo)
girl i left behind, the
give my regards to broadway
give us a drink of water (piano solo)
green fields of america (piano solo)
green fields of erin (piano solo)
growling old woman (piano solo)
guilderoy reel (piano solo)
happy soldier (piano solo)
harp that once thro' tara's halls
has anybody here seen kelly?
haste to the wedding (piano solo)
hillside, the (piano solo)
honeymoon (piano solo)
hull's victory (piano solo)
humors of bandon, the (piano solo)
humors of castle comber (piano solo)
if you're irish, come into the parlor
i'll take you home again, kathleen
i love my love in the morning
in the valley near slievenamon
ireland must be a garden (if you are a wild irish rose)
ireland must be heaven (for my mother came from there)
irish emigrant, the
irish jubilee, the
irish lilt (piano solo)
irishman's heart to the ladies, an (piano solo)
irish washerwoman (piano solo)
isle o' dreams
jackson's jig (piano solo)
john james o'reilly
joy of my life, the (piano solo)
joys of wedlock (piano solo)
kate kearney
kathleen mavourneen
kerry dance, the
kerry girls, the (piano solo)
killdronghalt fair (piano solo)
kitty of coleraine (piano solo)
kitty of oulart (piano solo)
lamplighter (piano solo)
larry o'gaff (piano solo)
last rose of summer
lep up (piano solo)
let erin remember the days of old
little annie roonie
little bit of heaven, a (shure they call it ireland)
liverpool hornpipe (piano solo)
love's young dream
love thee, dearest
low-backed car, the
macnamara's band
maid on the green, the (piano solo)
march (piano solo)
mary's a grand old name
mickey donohue
miners of wicklow (piano solo)
minstrel boy, the
miss blair's fancy (piano solo)
moll roe (piano solo)
molly bawn
molly brallaghan (piano solo)
molly malone
mother machree
my beautiful irish maid
my wild irish rose
nellie kelly i love you
norah, the pride of kildare
o'donnell aboo
oft in the stilly night
oh! breathe not his name
oh! steer my bark to erin's isle
o katy o'neil
old crow (piano solo)
old lougolee (piano solo)
old man dillon (piano solo)
old reel, an (piano solo)
opera reel (piano solo)
paddy carey (piano solo)
paddy o'carroll (piano solo)
paddy whack (piano solo)
patrick's pot (piano solo)
patrick was a gentleman (piano solo)
peeler's jacket (piano solo)
peggy o'neil
peg o' my heart
peter street (piano solo)
place in thy memory, a
praties are dug, the (piano solo)
pretty girl milking her cow, the
pretty lass (piano solo)
rakes of kildare, the (piano solo)
rakes of sollohod, the (piano solo)
real thing, the (piano solo)
redhaired boy, the (piano solo)
remember thee
rickett's hornpipe (piano solo)
rights of man, the (piano solo)
rocky road to dublin, the (piano solo)
rory o'more
rose, the (piano solo)
rose of tralee
round the world for sport (piano solo)
royal irish (piano solo)
st. patrick's day
st. patrick's day in the morning (piano solo)
salamanca reel (piano solo)
savourneen deelish
shamrock (piano solo)
shandon bells (piano solo)
she's the daughter of mother machree
shule, shule agrah (piano solo)
sidewalks of new york
silvermore (piano solo)
sixpence, the (piano solo)
smash the windows (piano solo)
snowy breasted pearl, the
soldiers joy (piano solo)
sprig of shillelagh, the (piano solo)
stack of barley (piano solo)
strop the razor (piano solo)
swallowtail jig (piano solo)
sweet rosie o'grady
tatther jack welsh (piano solo)
teetotaler's reel (piano solo)
tempest, the (piano solo)
terence's farewell
that tumble down shack in athlone
there is not in the wide world
tis an irish girl i love (and she's just like you)
too ra loo ra loo ral (that's an irish lullaby)
top of cork road (piano solo)
trip it upstairs (piano solo)
triple jig (piano solo)
wearin o the green
when he who adores thee
when irish eyes are smiling
where the river shannon flows
white cockade, the (piano solo)
who threw the overalls in mistress murphy's chowder
widow machree (piano solo)
wind that shakes the barley, the (piano solo)
you can tell that i'm irish
young may moon (piano solo)

British Classics
Intermediate Piano Solo


If it helps, this collection is suitable for Associated Board Grades 3 to 5.
If it doesn't help. . . consider the level around Easy Schumann, or perhaps a Bach Invention.
Excellent arrangements of many well-known British songs. No lyrics! - this is all designed for piano solo.
Published by Chester Music in Suffolk, United Kingdom (and I know that doesn't help at all. . .)

arrival of the queen of sheba - Handel
cavatina - S. Myers, J. Williams
early one morning - Anon.
folk songs from somerset (from English Folk Song Suite) - R. Vaughan Williams
gavot (from Symph. No. 4) - Boyce
greensleeves - Henry VIII / Anon.
hornpipe (from Water Music Suite) - Handel
introduction and allegro - Elgar
jerusalem - Parry
jupiter (from The Planets) - Holst
now is the month of maying - Thomas Morley
onward christian soldiers - Sullivan
pomp and circumstance march no. 1 - Elgar
rondo (from Abdelazer) - Purcell
rule britannia - T.A. Arne
the heart asks pleasure first (The Sacrifice, from The Piano) - Nyman
the lamb - J. Tavener
the sun whose rays are all ablaze (from The Mikado) - Sullivan
trumpet voluntary - J. Clarke
when i am laid in earth (from Dido and Aeneas) - Purcell

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