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The Concert Performer Series
Classical Piano with Instructional CD
Includes: Sheet Music + Audio CD with at-tempo as well as very slow performance. (MIDI data also on the CD for Mac or Windows)

New Series with CD - Description:
The print music is complete, very clear on the page. Most pieces included a good dose of fingerings (could be more IMHO), and where applicable, ornaments are written out.
Insert the enclosed CD into either your stereo, your boom box, or into your computer. Doesn't matter, it will work anywhere!!.
Of course if you stuff it in your computer and want to manipulate the MIDI file, you do need software designed to play/edit MIDI files. BTW - MIDI channel 3 is Right Hand, MIDI channel 4 is Left Hand, so one could play along with one hand, change the tempo, make the instrumentation orchestral, etc.etc., and just have some fun!

On the audio CD, the piano piece is played as a performance, so you can follow the score and hear how the work is to be played. The next track is a slow speed performance, with a metronome ticking along. You can play along slowly, and overcome any rhythmic or pitch ambiguities (in other words, no excuses for wrong notes or rhythms!).

The end result is that you will learn to play the piece as well as on the CD! It's a great idea, perfect for the adult studying without a teacher.

And the amazing thing is how inexpensive this is. Only $6.95 per piece.
You get the sheet music, a CD, and MIDI file too -- that's. . . nifty!

J.S. Bach: Two-Part Invention #1 in C Major
Music and CD
Every pianist must learn some or all of the Bach Inventions. These are meat and potatoes of the repertoire, and are wonderful to play, and wonderful to listen to. Linear music offset in imitation -- it's tricky to learn but oh so good for your technique when you do!

Beethoven: Fur Elise
Music and CD
Probably THE most recognizable piano piece of all time. This is the complete piece, not just the A section. The print music is well laid out (very clear), with lots of fingerings added, as well as pedal markings. The 'ol boy hardly ever put in pedal markings, so these are all the editor's suggestions.

Brahms: Waltz in A Flat, Op. 39 No. 15
Music and CD
This famous work appears in over 300 billion print music collections. I know, I've counted them all. . .

Chopin: Two Preludes Op. 28, Nos. 7 and 20
Music and CD
Two short preludes from the famous Chopin Opus are presented. The first is the A major, not too difficult. The second is the C minor, with big chords and gorgeous sonorities. I think Barry Manilow used this as the beginning of his song, "Mandy". This must be famous then. . .

De Falla: Ritual Fire Dance
from El Amor Brujo

Music and CD
Until this was released, the Debussy Clair de Lune was the hardest piece in the series. Now, there are several at the intermediate level, including this wonderful yet relatively unknown work.

Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance
Music and CD
If no one ever invites you to a graduation ceremony, this is your chance!
This is THE music played while candidates march in to receive their diplomas. Again, not too easy in the intro or bridge passages, but manageable for an upper beginner to intermediate pianist. Actually, in the past this has been a surprisingly difficult piece to find for piano solo!

MacDowell: To A Wild Rose
Music and CD
This is an easier work in this series, and the editor has taken pains to provide extensive fingerings. Beautiful song, quite manageable. . .Probably very much unlike Rose.

Mozart: Sonata in C Maj. K. 545
1st mvt. complete

Music and CD
If you can play your right hand loud while your left hand is nice and quiet, you can do justice to this wonderful elegant piece that is so often destroyed by lack of understanding the technique.

Pachelbel: Canon In D
1st mvt. complete

Music and CD
One of the most popular pieces of all time, and yes, this was the theme for the movie "Ordinary People." This is a complete arrangement of the original string ensemble, and is at about the intermediate level.
BTW - the term "Canon" has to do with ecclesiastical law, it's not a big gun. Gets complicated in a historical sense as to how this term came to be used by Pachelbel, but in music, this was a term synonymous with Passacaglia or Chaconne -- it meant a recurring bass figure which provided the structure for the piece. Now that you know this, you'll see how the Theme is actually not the melody, but the repeating bass line.
. . . and you thought you had nothing to talk about at your next garden party. . .

Satie: Trois Gymnopedies
Music and CD
The famous three Gymnopedies are not too difficult. The first one is very well known, with one of those beautifully haunting melodies you must play over and over. I think this was even included on an old Chicago Transit Authority album of years ago (showing some of my Rock Roots here).

Schubert: Moment Musicale
Music and CD
A great lower intermediate level piece exhibiting several elements common to the Classical style. Schubert had a great gift for finding the perfect melody. A fun piece to learn and to play!

Schumann: The Happy Farmer
Music and CD
Only one page, but a funny, cornball piece! If you don't know this, you've undoubtedly heard it: go get your Wizard of Oz tape, and you will hear this piece. It's not even in the Wizard of Oz soundtrack collection, as it's by Schumann and not an original song composed for the movie.

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