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Drums / Percussion
Recommended Video and Books

Warner Bros. music publishing division was sold to the publisher Alfred a few years ago. Since that time, Alfred has sold the inventory acquired, but has overall decided not to reissue most titles. Alfred has allowed much, if not most, of the vast Warner Bros. archive to go out of print.
If you decide to order any of the items on this page, we will try to find a copy either from Alfred or one of our suppliers. Point is, if you order from this page, there is a good chance the item is out of print/publication.

In defense of Alfred. . . these are very hard times for music publishers. Some may not survive the recession.

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Beginning Drums

Drum Basics, Step One and Two - Video
Drum Basics, Steps One and Two - optional Book/CD
Blues Drums, Step One and Two - Video
Blues Drums, Steps One and Two - optional Book/CD
Rock Drums, Steps One and Two - optional Book/CD
Intermediate to Advanced Drums / Percussion Videos

Billy Cobham: Drums by Design
Buddy Rich: Jazz Legend Part 1 and 2
Buddy Rich: Memorial Scholarship Concert Set II (tape 3 and 4)
Buddy Rich: Memorial Scholarship Concert Tape I
Buddy Rich: Memorial Scholarship Concert Tape II
Changuito and Giovanni Duets: Conga Masters Again!
Changuito and Giovanni Duets: Conga Masters
Changuito: Evolution of the Tumbadoras
David Garibaldi: Talking Drums
David Garibaldi: Tower of Groove, part 2
David Garibaldi: Tower of Groove
Dennis Chambers: In the Pocket
Drum Tuning: Sound and Design
Gene Krupa: Jazz Legend
Giovanni Hidalgo: Conga Virtuoso
Giovanni Hidalgo: In The Tradition
Giovanni Hidalgo: One On One
Gregg Bissonette: Playing, Reading and Soloing with a Band
Gregg Bissonette: Private Lesson
Ignacio Berroa: Mastering the Art of Afro-Cuban Drumming
Jim Chapin: Speed, Power, Control, Endurance
Kenny Aronoff: Basics of Rock Drumming
Kenny Aronoff: Power Workout 1and 2
Legends of Jazz Drumming Part One: 1920 - 1950
Legends of Jazz Drumming Part Two: 1950 - 1970
Louie Bellson: The Musical Drummer
Neil Peart: A Work In Progress, Box Set
Omar Hakim: Let It Flow
Simon Phillips Returns
Simon Phillips: Simon Phillips
Steve Gadd: In Session
Steve Gadd: Up Close
Terry Bozzio: Solo Drums
Virgil Donati: Power Drumming

Drum Basics, Step One and Two
Book and CD
compliments the above videos


Blues Drums, Step One and Two
2-videos: 1 hr.

With Tom Brechtlein. This Ultimate Beginner Series is designed to help you take the first step toward experiencing the fun of playing music. This video shows you the blues shuffle, alternate cymbal patterns for a shuffle, hi-hat coordination exercises, a slow blues groove and more.

Blues Drums, Step Two takes you one step further in the art of blues drumming. This tape demonstrates bass drum variations, a blues rhumba, open hi-hat sound, the Steve Gadd shuffle, new fill ideas and much more. A great band is also featured to further demonstrate each beat and fill in a musical context.

Blues Drums Basics, Steps One and Two
Book and CD (optional)
compliments the above videos


Rock Drums Basics, Step One and Two
Book and CD (optional)
compliments the above videos


Basics of Rock Drumming
(Laying It Down)
video: 52 min.

Kenny Aronoff is one of rock's most in-demand drummers. While this video is ideal for beginning / intermediate drummers, it also offers valuable tips for the advanced player. Topics include creating a drum part, keeping steady time, making the beat groove and developing the beat creatively. Booklet included.

Power Workout 1 and 2
by Kenny Aronoff
videos: 2 hours

(special package price saves $10.00!)

Power Workout 1: Kenny shows you the warmup routine he has developed over years of playing. Loosen up your limbs, build your chops and endurance, strengthen your independence on all four limbs and focus your attention. Kenny shows you step-by-step each of the 11 lessons that make up the Power Workout 1. Booklet included.

Thirteen more lessons that pick up where Power Workout 1 left off. A challenge for any level drummer. This workout is specially designed to help develop independence between your hands and feet, and increase your ambidexterity on the drum set. It really works! Booklet included.

The Musical Drummer
Louie Bellson
video: 60 min.

Louie Bellson is one of the most respected big band drummers of all time. Performing with a quintet, Louie isolates and discusses his part in each of seven musical pieces. Styles include swing, samba, shuffle, bossa nova, brush work and a rock piece. Louie also covers double bass drum technique and performs two solos.

Playing, Reading and Soloing with a Band
Gregg Bissonette
video: 99 min.

In this very inspiring and informative video, Gregg Bissonette covers aspects of playing with a band, gives an in-depth look at making and reading cheat sheet charts, and vividly demonstrates fantastic solo ideas and licks. Includes a personal inside look at Gregg's own roadmap charts.

Private Lesson
Gregg Bissonette
video: 77 min.

Gregg Bissonette is known for his incredible versatility and his command of every style of drumming. On this video, Gregg covers a variety of styles and techniques on drum set from rudimental snare segments to dynamic brush demonstrations. He also demonstrates rock, Latin, funk and jazz styles, double bass, solo and fill ideas.

Solo Drums
Terry Bozzio
video: 55 min.

Terry Bozzio presents his overall approach to the drum set as an orchestra in itself. Other topics include double bass drumming, hand techniques and a study of his drum part for U.S. Drag. Includes exercises to strengthen chops and independence. Booklet included.

In The Pocket
Dennis Chambers
video: 65 min.

In The Pocket provides insight into this extraordinary drummer, both as a soloist and in inspired performances with former band members John Scofield (guitar), Gary Grainger (bass), and Jim Beard (keyboards). Dennis shows what it means to play in the pocket using classic P-Funk grooves and more.

Evolution of the Tumbadoras
video: 84 min.

A Tumbadora (Conga) Masterclass on Rhythms / Techniques / Improvisation. In this video, master percussionist Changuito, along with interviewer (and virtuoso conguero) Giovanni Hidalgo, explains the important movements which are fundamental to producing the necessary sound, feel and control of the conga. The patterns demonstrated include son montuno, guajira, batanga, abakua, palo, bembe. Bilingual, with booklet.

The History of Songo
video: 70 min.
For nearly 25 years, Jose Luis Quintana, better known as Changuito, was a member of the world-renowned Cuban group Los Van Van. During that time, he helped develop a style of Cuban music called songo. In this video, Changuito explains and demonstrates his songo inventions on drum set, tumbadoras and timbales. In addition, he demonstrates several other important Cuban rhythmic contributions such as the conga, pilon, and mozambique.

Drums by Design
Billy Cobham
video: 71 min.

A drummer of tremendous range and influence, Billy Cobham is known for his explosive ambidextrous style. Drums by Design offers Billy's overall concept of playing the drums. It features a range of demonstration on the kit and also on the snare drum alone.

Power Drumming
Virgil Donati
video: 58 min.

Power Drumming is a two-part video by one of Australia's most powerful and exciting drummers, Virgil Donati. In part one, play along with Virgil in a workout to develop power, speed, endurance and agility. Part two is a collection of solos and performance pieces illustrating Virgil's dynamic approach to drumming.

In Session:
Steve Gadd
video: 90 min.

Ninety minutes of incredible music and dialogue by Steve Gadd with Will Lee, Eddie Gomez, the late Richard Tee and Jorge Dalto. This classic video will give you a behind-the-scenes look at masters at work as they arrange tunes, work on grooves, and play funk, Latin, reggae, shuffles and ballads.

Up Close
Steve Gadd
video: 60 min.

Steve Gadd is the most recorded drummer of all time. His credits include recordings by Chick Corea, Paul Simon, Steely Dan and Al Jarreau. On this tape Steve discusses his influences, plays some incredible solos, and shows how he applies rudiments to the drumset, demonstrates his bass drum technique and more.

Talking Drums
David Garibaldi
video: 88 min.

Talking Drums is a unique percussion trio that interprets traditional Afro-Caribbean rhythms in an original music format using contemporary drum set, hand percussion and vocals. In this video David Garibaldi, Jesus Diaz and Michael Spiro demonstrate rich complexities and possibilities for both hand drums and drum set.

Tower of Groove
David Garibaldi
video: 75 min.

One of the greatest funk drummers of all time, Dave Garibaldi performs four great tunes with a six-piece band and then breaks down his drum part in each tune section by section. Styles covered include Latin, funk, hip-hop and jazz. He also demonstrates the drum grooves from seven classic Tower of Power tunes.

Tower of Groove, Part 2
David Garibaldi
video: 55 min.

David Garibaldi combines his innovations of funk from his Tower of Power days with his new innovations in Afro-Cuban music and demonstrates how to incorporate them into modern music. This video shows you how to become your own drummer and how to create your own signature sound. Booklet included.

Drum Tuning: Sound and Design

video: 95 min.

Bob Gatzen shares his vast knowledge of sound production and design in this comprehensive and practical approach to drum tuning. The method is simple, straightforward and effective for all styles and all levels. With this video, you will get the sound out of your instrument that you have been looking for.

Let It Flow
Omar Hakim
video: 68 min.

In Let It Flow, Omar explains his warm-up routine and his concept of dynamics and touch. He also discusses playing in 6/8 and plays a brilliant 6/8 solo. Along with a five piece band, he performs a wide range of styles such as hip-hop, 6/8 swing and an intense funk jam, and demonstrates the basic grooves slowly.

Conga Virtuoso:
Giovanni Hidalgo
video: 90 min.

This special bilingual video (English/Spanish) offers a three-part conga masterclass on rhythms, techniques and improvisation. It includes advanced techniques, rudiments and exercises, and singles, doubles, ruffs and combinations. The rhythms of Puerto Rico are explored in depth.

In The Tradition:
Giovanni Hidalgo
video: 60 min.

Giovanni Hidalgo is the leading conguero of our time. His diverse recording and touring credits include Dizzy Gillespie, Eddie Palmieri, Dave Valentin, and Mickey Hart. On this masterful video, he introduces basic sounds, tuning and technique; patterns of son montuno, bolero, charanga, and danzon; and multi-percussion applications of those forms. Bilingual, with booklet.

One On One:
Giovanni Hidalgo
video: 52 min.

In this video, Giovanni Hidalgo goes One On One with you the viewer in this intense conga technique masterclass. Topics include wrist exercises, independence studies, 5-7-9-stroke rolls, long rolls, single-double-triple paradiddles, one hand exercises, triplets, and solo ideas. Booklet transcriptions and analysis by Victor Rendon.

Conga Masters:
Changuito and Giovanni Duets
video: 40 min.

Two master musicians, eight drums and two duets on one amazing video. In this performance-only video, Changuito and Giovanni play two duets (or duels) full of explosive soloing and dramatic interplay. The influence of traditional rudiments, bata, tabla and the two players' own melodic inventions is fully apparent.

Conga Masters:
The Masters Meet Again!
(Changuito and Giovanni Duets)
video: 53 min.

An exciting follow-up to Conga Masters: Duets (listed above). Against the backdrop of an all-star rhythm section, Giovanni and Changuito perform three songs which feature amazing conga and timbale solos. The second half of this performance-only tape features a dramatic 22-minute conga duet (or duel) with explosive soloing and dramatic interplay. This tape is a must for drummers of all traditions!

Jazz Legend:
Gene Krupa
video: 58 min.

Gene Krupa made the drums a solo instrument and remains one of the most famous drummers in history. The music and contributions of Krupa are brought into focus, with rare footage from the 1940s and still photographs. Featured is an interview with Krupa, commentary from Louie Bellson and narration by Steve Allen.

Legends of Jazz Drumming
Part One: 1920 - 1950
video: 60 min.

Features archival film clips and photographs of the greats of jazz drumming, including Baby Dodds, Chick Webb, Kenny Clarke, Sid Catlett, Dave Tough, Cozy Cole, Buddy Rich, Jo Jones, Gene Krupa, Max Roach and others.

Legends of Jazz Drumming
Part Two: 1950 - 1970
video: 60 min.

Features clips and photos of Philly Jo Jones, Shelly Manne, Art Blakey, Joe Morello, Roy Haynes, Ed Thigpen, Paul Motian, Tony Williams, Steve Gadd, Billy Cobham and others.

Neil Peart:
A Work In Progress, Box Set
video: 3 hours, 40 min.

On this two-video, limited edition box set, Neil Peart documents the work in progress of recording Rush's new album, Test for Echo, as well as the work in progress of Neil himself and his endless apprenticeship to the art of drumming. On these history-making tapes, he uses the songs from Test for Echo to demonstrate concepts such as constructing a drum part, selecting rhythmic approaches, technique, odd times, the drummer's role in a band, drum set orchestration, and creative timekeeping. This limited-edition box set includes a full-color poster. With booklets.

Simon Phillips
video: 60 min.

With his dazzling command of the drum set, Simon is one of the leading drummers of today's music. In this video, he covers double bass drums, bass drum tuning, snare/bass drum exercises, timekeeping and playing with a click. Includes three songs with Ray Russell and Anthony Jackson.

Simon Phillips Returns
video: 68 min.

The trio performs Streetwise, Harlem Nights and Protocol and Simon breaks down his part for each, section-by-section. He covers snare drum tuning, practice routines, and playing in odd times. Simon also plays an extraordinary free-form solo which displays his amazing technique.

Buddy Rich
Jazz Legend Part 1: 1917 - 1970
Jazz Legend Part 2: 1970 - 1987
video: 2 hours

Jazz Legend Part 1: The life, the music and the astonishing percussion virtuosity of Buddy Rich. The video features extremely rare performance footage from 1939 to 1970 of Rich with the bands of Artie Shaw, Harry James and Tommy Dorsey, as a leader of his own small groups and big bands, and in a unique drum duel with Gene Krupa.

Jazz Legend Part 2: Buddy Rich produced his largest and most impressive body of work as a leader of his own big band from 1967 until his death in 1987. This video offers rare glimpses of Buddy with his own group, and in many clips from television specials, home movies and jazz festivals. Many drummers give personal tributes in this video.
($20 savings from buying both tapes separately)

Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert:
Tape One
video: 1 hours, 4 min.

Tape 1: Six of the world's finest drummers came together with the Buddy Rich Big Band on October 14, 1989, to honor Buddy Rich. This tape offers brilliant playing and solos by Louie Bellson, Gregg Bissonette, and Dennis Chambers. An amazing drum trio showing the double bass wizardry of these three greats is included.

Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert:
video: 1 hours, 8 min.

Tape 2: Features classic performances and solos by Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd, and Dave Weckl along with the band. An incredible drum trio solo consisting of these three world famous drummers tops off this once-in-a-lifetime show.

Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert:
Set II - Tapes Three and Four (available as set only)
video: 2 hours, 3 min.

Tape 3: Features Neil Peart, Smitty Smith, and Steve Smith plus a duet by Smitty and Steve.
Tape 4: Features Omar Hakim, Will Calhoun, and Neil Peart.

Tapes three and four were recorded on April 8, 1991 at the Ritz Theater in New York City. Each of the featured drummers interprets songs from the Buddy Rich repertoire with the Buddy Rich Band and both tapes include clips of Buddy himself.

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