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Guitar Instruction Books

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For hundreds of guitar collections, from beginner to very advanced - all maintained in stock - click on the "Guitar" category to your left
Guitar Starter Kit - Complete Beginner's Guide
If you (child or adult) just got a guitar, but don't know what to do. . .
Guitar Method Book - CD - Video - Chord Finder Book - Popular Melodies Book
All in one box!

A Modern Method For Guitar Vol. 1 Book/CD
A Modern Method For Guitar Vol. 2 Book/Cassette
Christopher Parkening Guitar Method, Vols. 1 and 2

12 Bar Blues (recommended by Guitar Player Magazine) Book/CD
Jazz Guitar Improvisation Book/CD
Classics of Country Blues Guitar Book/CD
Metal Lead Guitar Primer Book/CD
Metal Lead Guitar Vol. 1 Book/CD
The Heavy Guitar Bible
The Art Of Playing Rock Guitar
Challenge The Masters Book/CD
Basic Blues For Guitar Book/CD
Inside The Blues 1942-1982
The Flatpicker's Guide Book/Cassette
Blues Guitar Legends Book/CD
Jazz Guitar Solos Book/CD
Blues: Sound and Feel of Blues Guitar Book/CD

Guitar Chords Plus
Guitar Fitness (exercises)
The School Of Chuck Wayne - Jazz Scales
Reading Studies For Guitar
Advanced Reading Studies For Guitar
Power Rhythm Guitar Book/CD
Speed Picking Book/CD

2600 Guitar Chords - Photos and Diagrams

Guitar Starter Kit
Boxed Set: 3 Books, 2 CD's, 1 Video

For acoustic or electric guitar, this package is designed for the beginner with no previous experience. If you (or someone you know) finally received that guitar. . . this covers everything the beginner needs to know, all the way through the first book of the Hal Leonard guitar method. The chord finder book contains over 1,000 chords. Both the Pop Melodies book as well as the Guitar Method book also contain CD's.

A Modern Method For Guitar
VOL. 1

by William Leavitt

A beginning level book, but designed for the serious student. Used at the Berklee College of Music guitar program.
Volume 1 presents a comprehensive range of guitar and music fundamentals. Included are scales, melodic studies, chord and arpeggio studies, special exercises for both hands, accompaniment techniques, and a unique approach to voice leading using movable chord forms.
Includes demonstration CD

Christopher Parkening Guitar Method

Vols. I and II

Christopher Parkening is considered by many to be the world's preeminent classical guitar virtuoso. He is the recognized heir to the legacy of the legendary maestro Andres Segovia, who deemed him "A great of the most brilliant guitarists in the world."
Vol. 1
This beginner's book of basic technique teaches notes in the first position, starting with the parts of the guitar and how to hold it, tuning, the right hand and left hand, and progressing to arpeggios, tone production, placement of finger and nail, flats, naturals, key signatures, the bar, and more. Features classical and original pieces that incorporate the musical concepts being presented. Includes many helpful photos and illustrations throughout, plus sections on the history of the guitar, selecting a classical guitar, guitar care, a complete fingerboard chart, and much more.

Vol. 2
Continues where Vol. 1 leaves off. Teaches: all notes in the upper position; tone production; advanced techniques such as tremolo, harmonics, vibrato, pizzicato and slurs; practice tips; stylistic interpretation; and more. The first half of the book deals primarily with technique, while the second half of the book applies the technique with repertoire pieces. As a special bonus, this book includes 32 previously unpublished Parkening edition pieces by composers including Dowland, Bach, Scarlatti, Sor, Tarrega and others, plus three duets for two guitars.

12 Bar Blues

Book with CD

Highly recommended by Guitar Player magazine.
CD includes 24 Full-Band tracks. Standard notation and TAB.

Jazz Guitar Improvisation
by Sid Jacobs

Book with CD

Master Class. Designed from Musicians Institute (Southern California's renowned music school) elective courses, this comprehensive method will help you develop your solo skills. Covers: common jazz phrases; applying scales and arpeggios; guide tones, non-chordal tones, and fourths; much more. The CD features 99 full demonstration tracks. Includes tab.

Classics of Country Blues Guitar

Taught by Rory Block

Here are some of the greatest country blues solos of all time, taught in phrase-by-phrase detail. Rory Block, one of the most knowledgeable and talented exponents of this style performs and breaks down these fingerstyle pieces by Willie Moore, Blind Willie McTell, Tommy Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, Skip James and others.

Metal Lead Guitar Primer


Learn metal guitar the best way - by playing music!
This primer for the beginning lead guitarist builds the solid musical and technical foundation you'll need as it prepares you for Metal Lead Guitar Vol. 1 (below) with several metal jams.Whether trading licks with the pre-recorded leads, or soloing by yourself, these rhythm tracks with full band accompaniment will make you sound great and they're fun to play! A great starter book - no experience necessary! Includes tablature and 48-minute audio accompaniment

Metal Lead Guitar Vol. 1

- Newly Revised -
Book/CD Pack


This intense metal method teaches you the elements of lead guitar technique with an easy to understand approach. The heavy metal concepts, theory, and musical principals are all applied to real metal licks, runs and full compositions.

The Heavy Guitar Bible

by Richard Daniels

Yes, this is that book! The complete book on the world of rock guitar, covering fretboard basics, chords, structure, and all rock styles, with accompanying illustrations.

The Art Of Playing Rock Guitar

by Richard Daniels

This comprehensive book focuses on intermediate and advanced concepts for rock guitar. Topics include: assimilation of classical elements into blues/rock genres - scalar and modal theory - guitar electronics and construction - and much more. 190 Pages.

Challenge The Masters
Transcriptions of Classics Arranged For Rock And Metal Guitarists


This book provides notes, tab and fingerings to classics by Bach, Mozart, Paganini, Vivaldi, and more! The recordings present fresh interpretations of each piece in the book, complete with explanations and playing tips on the following techniques: Tapping - String Skipping - Position Shifting - Alternate Picking - Hybrid Picking - Sweep Picking - Pedal Points.

Basic Blues For Guitar


The most thorough blues guitar book yet. Over 35 blues tunes covering electric and rock blues, folk, fingerpicking and bottleneck blues, B.B. King and Chuck Berry styles, jazzy blues and more. Plus positions, scales chords, discographies and an overview of styles from Robert Johnson to George Benson. Written in music tablature with chord grids. 42 minute audio accompaniment.

Inside The Blues

1942 - 1982

The definitive blues collection! Over 150 pages spanning 40 years of blues history with techniques of the greatest blues guitarists of all time, including T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, B.B. King, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and many more. Includes instruction and musical examples - an essential volume for any student of the blues.

The Flatpicker's Guide

by Dan Crary

This is the instruction/method book for flatpicking written by Dan Crary, one of the top three flatpickers in the United States. This is a long-awaited book for Crary fans, as it is the first book he has written on the subject. This book teaches how to play accompaniments, cross-picking, how to play lick strums. Examples in the book are explained on the accompanying CD by Crary himself. The cassette also allows the player to play along with the songs included in the book.

Guitar Chords Plus

by Ron Middlebrook


A comprehensive study of chords - normal and extended - tunings, keys, transposing, and capo. Includes informative and clear photos, diagrams, and instructions, and addresses the questions: Are there really thousands of guitar chords? - Which chords are important to the beginner? - Must you learn all the different ways to play a C chord? - If a song seems too difficult to play, can you make it easier by changing the key? - Is a capo worth the trouble? -- and more!

Guitar Fitness

by Josquin des Pres


The purpose of this book is to provide the guitar player with a wide variety of finger exercises to develop the technique necessary to succeed in today's music scene. These exercises are designed to help increase speed, improve dexterity, develop accuracy and promote finger independence. The exercises cover a wide range of technical requirements to help beginners through experienced pros.

Guitar Studies and Scales
The School Of Chuck Wayne

Jazz Guitar


Here at last is the long awaited, definitive jazz guitar scale method by Chuck Wayne. With a career that includes recordings with Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Woody Herman, George Shearing, and Tony Bennett, Chuck Wayne's approach to the guitar and improvisation has paved the way for a generation of guitarists.
This book presents an in-depth analysis of his own highly influential developments in technique and jazz theory. Dozens of examples and exercises are featured that Chuck Wayne has found invaluable in his own teaching

Reading Studies For Guitar

By William Leavitt


A comprehensive collection of studies for improving sight reading and technical ability. Includes scales, arpeggios, written-out chords, and a variety of rhythms and time signatures. Positions 1 through 7 are covered in all keys.
An important method for all guitarists who recognize the advantages of being able to sight-read.

Advanced Reading Studies For Guitar

By William Leavitt


For the guitarist who wants to improve sight reading ability in positions 8 through 12, 112 pages of progressive studies written especially for the guitar, in all keys, and consisting of scales, arpeggios, intervals, and notated chords in various time signatures. A special section of multi-position studies is included.

Power Rhythm Guitar

By Ron Middlebrook

This book/CD pack features 31 lessons for rhythm guitar that you can play by yourself, in a band, or as a back-up musician. Includes full band examples in many musical styles, including basic rock, country, hard rock, heavy metal, reggae, blues, funk, and more.

Speed Picking

By Frank Gambale

Improve your speed and fluidity through increased pick efficiency. Gambale explains and demonstrates sweep arpeggios, speed picking licks, harmonic superimpositions, sequence licks, and more!

Picture Chord Encyclopedia: 2600 Chords

Photos and Diagrams

Begins with helpful notes on how to use the book, how to choose the best voicings and how to construct chords. Extensive, 272-page source for all playing styles and levels features five easy-to-play voicings of 44 chord qualities for each of the twelve musical keys - 2,640 chords in all. For each, there is a clearly illustrated chord frame, as well as an actual photo of the chord being played. Includes info on basic fingering principles, open chords and barre chords, partial chords and broken-set forms, and more.
For all guitarists, all levels.

Blues Guitar Legends

By Kenny Sultan

This book/CD pack allows you to explore the styles of Lightnin' Hopkins, Blind Blake, Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Boy Fuller, and Big Bill Broonzy. Through Sultan's arrangements, you will learn how studying the masters can help you develop your own style.

Jazz Guitar Solos
A Study of Great Horn Solos Arranged For Guitar


Jazz horn players are some of the best improvisers ever. Now guitarists can learn their tricks! This book features 12 solos (progressing in difficulty) from jazz saxophonists and trumpeters transcribed in easy-to-read guitar tab. The CD features each solo played twice, at slow and regular tempo.

The Sound and Feel of Blues Guitar

by John Tapella

This comprehensive blues book features information on rhythm patterns, fingerpicking patterns, double stops, licks in A, D, E, and G, and more. The accompanying CD features several compositions and all examples in the book played by John Tapella.

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