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Sacred and Secular Music

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At the Organ with Keith Chapman
At the Organ With Virgil Fox
E. Power Biggs Book of Organ
A Century Of American Organ, Vol. 4
Liturgical Organist, Vol. 1
Liturgical Organist, Vol. 2
Liturgical Organist, Vol. 3
Liturgical Organist, Vol. 4
Note: Vol. 5 - 8 out of print

Alexandre Guilmant, Vol. 1
Organ Voluntaries, Vol. 2
Selected Leo Sowerby

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At the Organ
with Keith Chapman


Angels We Have Heard on High
Away in a Manger
Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella
De Profundis
Fanfare and Procession

Gaelic Air
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly
Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine

At the Organ
with Virgil Fox


This is a must-have for the advanced organist, as there are no other sources for Virgil Fox.
Among other great Virgil Fox arrangements, contains the famous "Perpetuum Mobile" for pedals alone. - RV


Adagio (from Vivaldi's Concerto in D Minor), J.S. Bach
Adagio Cantabile, J.S. Bach
Arioso, J.S. Bach
Cantabile Symphonique, C. Saint-Saens
Come Sweetest Death, Come Blessed Rest, J.S. Bach
Echo Noel, L.C. D'Aquin
Fanfares (from "Parsifal"), R. Wagner
Giga, M.E. Bossi
Good King Wenceslas, Traditional
Hallelujah Chorus (from "Messiah"), G.F. Handel
In Dulci Jubilo, Traditional
In Dulci Jubilo, J.S. Bach
In Dulci Jubilo, F. Liszt
Joy to the World, G.F. Handel

Libera Me (from "Requiem"), G. Faure
Nocturne (from "Shylock"), G. Faure
Noel sur les Flutes, L.C. D'Aquin
Now Thank We All Our God, J.S. Bach
O Little Town of Bethlehem, Traditional
Pastoral Symphony (from "Messiah"), G.F. Handel
Perpetuum Mobile, W. Middleschulte
Rigaudon (from "Idomenee"), A. Campra
Schmucke Dich, O Liebe Seele, J.S. Bach
Schmucke Dich, O Liebe Seele, J. Brahms
Sheep May Safely Graze, J.S. Bach
Silent Night, F. Gruber
Simple Gifts, Traditional
The Star-Spangled Banner, Traditional
Ye Sweet Retreat, W. Boyce

The E. Power Biggs Book of Organ Music
Edited and Arranged
by E. Power Biggs


A very famous book for organ, has been a standard in every classical organist's library for decades.

Adagio (for the Glass Harmonica or Musical Glasses), W.A. Mozart
All Glory Be to God on High (Festival Prelude for Organ), J.S. Bach
Andante (from "Concerto No. 3" in B-flat), W. Felton
Prelude on "Ave Verum Corpus," W.A.
A Christmas Pastorale (from "The Christmas Concerto"), G. Valentini
The Cuckoo, L.C. D'Aquin
The Emperor's Fanfare (from "Sixth Double Concerto"), A. Soler
The Faithful Shepherd (Pastorale), G.F. Handel
The Fifers, F. Dandrieu
Firework Music (Suite from the Music for the Royal Fireworks), G.F. Handel
Fugue in C Major (The "Fanfare Fugue"), J.S. Bach
God's Time Is the Best (Sinfonia to Cantata No. 106), J.S. Bach
I Stand at the Threshold (Sinfonia to Cantata No. 156), J.S. Bach
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (from Cantata No. 147), J.S. Bach
The Musical Clocks (from a Suite of Twelve Pieces), F.J. Haydn
Offertoire for Easter (On the Melody "O Filii et Filiae"), F. Dandrieu
Sheep May Safely Graze (in G) (from Cantata No. 208 - the "Birthday Cantata"), J.S. Bach
The Shepherds at the Manger (from the Piano Suite "The Christmas Tree"), F. Liszt
Sinfonia, Chorale, and Variation (from the Easter Cantata No. 4 - "Christ Lay in Death's Dark Prison"), J.S. Bach
Slow Movement (from "Concerto in D Minor"), A. Vivaldi/J.S. Bach
A Solemn Prelude (from Cantata No. 21 - "Sighing, Weeping, Sorrow, Need"), J.S. Bach
The Trophy, F. Couperin

The Liturgical Organist, Volume 1
Compiled and Arranged by
Carlo Rossini

All collections in this series for pipe or reed organ
with Hammond registration



The Liturgical Organist, Volume 2
Compiled and Arranged by
Carlo Rossini




The Liturgical Organist, Volume 3
Compiled and Arranged by
Carlo Rossini



C Major
G Major
D Major
A Major
E Major
F Major
Bb Major
Eb Major
Ab Major

A Minor
E Minor
B Minor
F# Minor
C# Minor
D Minor
G Minor
C Minor
F Minor
Two Postludes on "Benedicamus Domino"

The Liturgical Organist, Volume 4
Compiled and Arranged by
Carlo Rossini



C Major
G Major
D Major
A Major
E Major
F Major
Bb Major
Eb Major
Ab Major

A Minor
E Minor
B Minor
F# Minor
C# Minor
D Minor
G Minor
C Minor
F Minor
Five Pieces for the Christmas Season

The Organ Music of Alexandre Guilmant
Volume 1
Compiled and Edited by
Wayne Leupold



Communion in G Major (No. 1), Op. 15 [No. 1]
March Upon a Theme of Handel, Op. 15 [No. 2]
Cantilene Pastorale in B Minor, Op. 15 [No. 3]
Andante con Moto in E Major, Op. 16 [No. 1]
Prayer in F Major (No. 1), Op. 16 [No. 2]
Verse and Amen upon the Hymn of the Epiphany, Op. 16 [No. 3]
Scherzo in F Major, Op. 16 [No. 4]
Prayer in Eb Major (No. 2), Op. 17 [No. 1]
Two Amens for Hymns of the 4th Tone, Op. 17 [No. 2]
Funeral March and Hymn of Seraphs, Op. 17 [No. 3]
Melody in Ab Major, Op. 17 [No. 4]
Anthem for Quasimodo Sunday, Op. 17 [No. 5]
Grand Chorus in D Major (Alla Handel), Op. 18 [No. 1]

Allegro in F# Minor, Op. 18 [No. 2]
Invocation in Bb Major, Op. 18 [No. 3]
Two Verses and Amen Upon the Hymn: Iste Confessor, Op. 18 [No. 4]
Allegretto in B Minor, Op. 19 [No. 1]
Offertory Upon Two Christmas Themes, Op. 19 [No. 2]
Fughetta Upon the Hymn of the First Sunday After Easter, Op. 19 [No. 3]
Communion in G Major (No. 2), Op. 19 [No. 4]
Interlude in F Major, Op. 19 [No. 5]
First Meditation in A Major, Op. 20 [No. 1]
Second Meditation in F# minor, Op. 20 [No. 2]
Caprice in Bb Major, Op. 20 [No. 3]

Organ Voluntaries, Volume 2
Selected, Arranged and Composed
by Alexander Schreiner



A Dream, Faure/Schreiner
A Farewell, F. Silcher
Adagietto, G. Bizet
Adagio, F. Kuhlau
Adagio, F. Liszt
Adagio, C.M. Weber
Adagio Molto, A. Guilmant
Andante, A. Guilmant
Andante, F. Mendelssohn
Andante, W.A. Mozart
Andante Religioso, F. Chopin
An Evening Thought, J. Benedict
As the Dew from Heaven Distilling, Daynes/Schreiner
Bagatelle, L. van Beethoven
Benediction, A. Schreiner
Chorale, C. Franck
Chorale from Fifth Sonata, F. Mendelssohn
Chorale Prelude: A Rose Breaks Into Bloom, Praetorius/Brahms
Chorale Prelude: If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee, Neumark/Bach
Chorale Prelude: O World I Even Must Leave Thee, Isaak/Brahms
Chorale: A Rose Breaks Into Bloom, M. Praetorius
Chorale: Be Ever Near Me, Lord, Anonymous/Schreiner
Chorale: Farewell Will I Give Thee, Teschner/Bach
Chorale: From Heaven on High, Luther/Schreiner
Chorale: In All Lands Rejoice Ye Christians, Schop/Bach
Chorale: May Angels Bright Be Near Me, J.S. Bach
Chorale: My Dearest Jesu, Cruger/Bach
Chorale: My Redeemer Liveth Yet, Cruger/Schreiner
Chorale: Now Thank We All Our God, Cruger/Schreiner
Chorale: O Lord, Thou Righteous God, Anonymous/Schreiner
Chorale: Open thou the Holy Portals, Neander/Schreiner
Chorale: The Cross of Jesus, Vulpius/Bach
Chorale: Christians, Wake, a Voice Is Calling, Nicolai/Schreiner

Chorale: Well Done Is the Work of God, Gastorius/Schreiner
Come Sweet Repose, Bach/Schreiner
Devotional Moments, A. Schreiner
Elegy, F. Schubert
Elevation, A. Guilmant
Elevation, C. Saint-Saens
Evening Hymn, J. Rheinberger
Evening Prayer, C. Reinecke
Eventide, A. Schreiner
Fugue in A Flat Minor, J. Brahms
Funeral March, L. van Beethoven
Funeral March, G.F. Handel
Gently Raise the Sacred Strain, Griggs/Schreiner
Hark, My Soul, Be Still, C. Malan
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes, A. Schreiner
In Heavenly Love Abiding, Thomas
The Lord Is My Song, L. van Beethoven
Meditation Religieuse, A. Schreiner
Noel, A. Guilmant
Over the Stars There Is Rest, F. Abt
Panis Angelicus, Franck/Schreiner
Parting, F. Mendelssohn
Peaceful Rest, F.B. Beneken
Prayer, D. Bortniansky
Prayer, C. Franck
Prayer, F.H. Himmel
Prayer, C.M. Weber
Prayer Is the Soul's Sincere Desire, Careless/Schreiner
Prelude in G, E.F. Rimbault
Revery, A. Schreiner
See, the Mighty Angel Flying, Stephens/Schreiner
Seek Thou the Lord and His Strength, J.A. Diederichsen
Slumber Song, Booth
Song of Faith, W.A. Mozart
Sundown, H.G. Nageli
Theme from Kreutzer Sonata, L. van Beethoven
Tollite Hostias, C. Saint-Saens/Schreiner
Triumphal March, G.F. Handel
The Two Angels, J. Blumenthal
Wedding Carillon, A. Schreiner
Wedding March, F. Mendelssohn
Wedding March, A. Schreiner
Wedding March from "Lohengrin," R. Wagner
Wedding Prelude, Liszt/Schreiner
Wedding Prelude, A. Schreiner
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