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Children / Family
Easy Piano
Recommended Collections

Ah, remember the days when as a child, your dad would drag the piano down the back steps, out by the campfire for those special sing-alongs. . .

Children's music is everywhere, and what one might consider family music is also widely published. But, not all that much in Easy Piano format.
We have assembled a listing of what we know are excellent collections in easy piano format, with a few that are piano/vocal (intermediate level) for the more advanced child, or a parent playing for the kids. You are guaranteed to have fun with any of these books, playing them for your children, for your family, or for yourself!

All collections are Easy Piano, with complete lyrics and chord symbols.
Childhood Music

Children's Favorites for Easy Piano
Children's Song Classics, Library Of
Children's Songbook, Really Big Book Of
Children's Songs, Best
Disney Afternoon Songbook
Disney, Best Of
Kids' Music Collection
Linus and Lucy and Pink Panther
Raffi: Children's Favorites
Mr. Rogers Songbook
Rodgers and Hammerstein Children's Songbook
Family - oriented Music

150 Songs With Just 3 Chords
Big Book of Swing
Latin American Pops
Pop, Country, Movie and TV Hits: Dan Coates

Children's Favorites for Easy Piano
Easy Piano
a-tisket a-tasket
animal fair
bear went over the mountain, the
bein' green
c is for cookie
down by the station
eensy weensy spider
farmer in the dell, the
frere jacques (are you sleeping?)
frog went a-courtin'
getting to know you
go in and out the window
hickory dickory dock
humpty dumpty
i've been working on the railroad
if you're happy (and you know it)
it's raining, it's pouring
jack and jill
lazy mary, will you get up?
little bo-peep
london bridge
marvelous toy, the
mary had a little lamb
mulberry bush, the
my favorite things
oh where, oh where has my little dog gone
oh! susanna
old king cole
old macdonald
over the river and through the woods
polly wolly doodle
pop goes the weasel
rainbow connection, the
ring around the rosie
rock-a-bye, baby
row, row, row your boat
rubber duckie
sing a song of sixpence
skip to my lou
somebody come and play
ten little indians
this old man
three blind mice
twinkle, twinkle little star
won't you be my neighbor?

Children's Song Classics, Library Of
Easy Piano

Huge Comprehensive Collection - Spiral Bound.
An international array of favorite animal, storybook, counting, and holiday songs, lullabies, marches, and more. Easy-to-read lyrics, piano arrangements, and guitar chords let everyone join the fun!
a, b, c, tumble down d
a-tisket, a-tasket
aiken drum
all the pretty little horses
all through the night
all the world is sleeping
alphabet song
america (my country tis of thee)
america the beautiful
the animal song
ants came marching
as each happy christmas
au clair de la lune
away in a manger
baa! baa! black sheep
the bear went over the mountain
brahm's lullaby
brother come and dance
calendar song
christmas is coming
cockles and mussels
come away
come let's sing a merry round
the crawdad song
dance to your daddy
day and night
dear old daddy whiskers
diddle diddle dumpling
do your ears hang low
doctor foster
dona nobis pacem
down in the valley
eency weency spider
the erie canal
farmer in the dell
fiddle dee dee
five fat turkeys
five little monkeys
the fox
the friendly beasts
frog went a courtin'
fruitful fields are waving
funiculi funicula
girls and boys, come out to play
glow worm
golden slumbers
grand old duke of york
grandfather's clock
handy spandy
hanukkah song
hark, hark, the dogs do bark
havah nagilah
here we go round the mulberry bush
hey diddle diddle
hey ho, nobody home
hickory dickory dock
hokey pokey
home on the range
home sweet home
humpty dumpty
huron indian carol
hush little baby
i had a little rooster
i heard the bells on christmas day
i love little pussy
i saw three ships
i saw a ship a-sailing
if all the world were paper
if i know what you know
jack and jill
jack spratt
jolly old st. nicholas
jolly round
king arthur
king of france
knicky, knicky knacky noo
kum ba yah
ladybird ladybird, fly away home
lame, tame crane
lavender blue
little jack horner
little boy blue
little tommy tucker
little robin red-breast
little things
little miss muffet
little bo peep
the little skunk
london bridge
looby loo
the lost doll
love your neighbor
lucy locket
man in the moon
mary had a little lamb
mary mary quite contrary
merily merrily we greet the morn
michael finnegan
michael row the boat ashore
moon and sun
moonlight bay
mother may i go out to swim?
mr. rabbit
the muffin man
music everywhere
my goose and thy goose
the night before christmas song
the north wind doth blow
now the day is over
now we'll make the rafters ring
o christmas tree
o how lovely is the evening
o'mein lieber augustin
oats, peas, beans and barley grow
oh dear what can the matter be
oh susannah
oh where, oh where has my little dog gone
the old gray mare
old king cole
old macdonald had a farm
on the first thanksgiving day
on the bridge at avignon
one finger, one thumb, one hand
one, two, buckle my shoe
one, two, three, four, five
onward upward
the orchestra
over the mountain, across the sea
over the river and through the woods
pat a cake
pat a pan
paw paw patch
pease porridge hot
the plumtree
polly, put the kettle on
pop goes the weasel
pussy cat, pussy cat
rally 'round the flag boys
red white and blue
ride a cock-horse to banbury cross
ring a ring o'roses
rock a bye baby
rock the cradle
row row row your boat
sailing, sailing
scarborough fair
scotland's burning
the seasons
see saw, margery daw
she'll be comin' round the mountain
simple simon
sing a song of sixpence
sing together merrily
six little ducks
skip to my lou
sleep and rest
star spangled banner
sweet and low
sweetly sings the donkey
ta ra ra boom de ay
take me out to the ball game
teddy bear's picnic
ten little sailors
there was an old woman tossed up in a basket
there were ten in the bed
there's a hole in the bucket
thirty days hath september
this little pig went to market
this old man
three little kittens
turn again whittington
twinkle twinkle little star
two little dicky birds
up on the housetop
volga boat song
we will rock you
we wish you a merry christmas
wee willie winkie
what care we
where are you going to, pretty maid?
white sands and grey sands
white coral bells
who comes laughing
will you walk a little faster?
winkum, winkum
yankee doodle boy
yankee doodle
you're a grand old flag

Children's Songbook - Really Big Book Of
Easy Piano

Just a plain 'ol fun, great easy piano book!
What can we say --- the Monster Mash, Your're A Grand Old Flag, and The Sound Of Music
. . . . . . . . . .all in one collection. --- Perfect!
a whale of a tale
addams family theme, the
alley cat song
animal fair
any dream will do
be kind to your web-footed friends
bear went over mountain, the
can you feel the love tonight
candle on the water
circle of life
colors of the wind
dance little bird (the chicken dance)
do your ears hang low?
go the distance
god help the outcasts
grouch song, the
hakuna matata
how much is that doggie in the window
hucklebuck, the
hush, little baby
i love to laugh
i scream-you scream-we all scream for ice cream
i won't grow up
i'm late
i'm popeye the sailor man
if i never knew you (love theme from pocahontas)
just around the riverbend
kiss the girl
kum ba yah
little bunny foo foo
little people
lonely goatherd, the
mah-na mah-na
man on flying trapeze, the
march of siamese children, the
monster mash
my favorite things
never smile at a crocodile
on top of spaghetti
one small voice
part of your world
peanut sat on a railroad track
purple people eater
rocky & bullwinkle
rumbly in my tumbly
sesame street theme
siamese cat song, the
so long, farewell
sound of music, the
thing, the
three little fishies (itty bitty poo)
tie me kangaroo down sport
when i'm sixty-four
where is love?
winnie the pooh
won't you be my neighbor? (it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood)
you're a grand old flag
you've got a friend in me
zero to hero

Children's Songs, Best
Easy Piano

Huge collection over 300 pages!
An outstanding collection, very highly recommended.

alphabet song
baby mine
ballad of davy crockett, the
bare necessities, the
be kind to your parents
beauty and the beast
bibbidi-bobbidi-boo (the magic song)
blue tail fly (jimmy crack corn), the
brady bunch, the
candle on the water
candy man, the
casper the friendly ghost
chim chim cher-ee
clementine (oh, my darling)
cruella de vil
dites-moi (tell me why)
down by the station
down in my heart
dream is a wish your heart makes, a
eensy weensy spider
ev'rybody wants to be a cat
farmer in dell, the
frere jacques (are you sleeping?)
friend like me
getting to know you
give a little whistle
hakuna matata
happy trails
happy, happy birthday to you
hello mudduh, hello fadduh! (a letter from camp)
hey diddle diddle
hickory dickory dock
how much is that doggie in the window
i don't want to live on the moon
i whistle a happy tune
i'm late
i'm popeye the sailor man
i've been working on the railroad
in my own little corner
it's a small world
jack and jill
jesus loves me
jesus loves the little children
john jacob jingleheimer schmidt
lavender blue (dilly dilly)
let me entertain you
little april shower
little bo-peep
little people
london bridge
lord is good to me, the
mary had a little lamb
michael row the boat ashore
mickey mouse march
muffin man, the
mulberry bush, the
my bonnie lies over the ocean
my favorite things
never smile at a crocodile
oh where, oh where has my little dog gone
old macdonald had a farm
on top of spaghetti
once upon a dream
one and one are two
over the river and through the woods
part of your world
peter cottontail
polly wolly doodle
pop goes the weasel
puff the magic dragon
rainbow connection, the
ring around the rosie
row, row, row your boat
rubber duckie
saying goodbye
siamese cat song, the
sing a song of sixpence
spoonful of sugar, a
take me out to the ball game
there's a hole in the bottom of the sea
there's a hole in the bucket
this little light of mine
this old man
three blind mice
twinkle, twinkle little star
unbirthday song, the
when you wish upon a star
whistle while you work
who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
whole new world, a
winnie the pooh
won't you be my neighbor
yankee doodle
yellow submarine
zacchaeus was a wee little man

Disney Afternoon Songbook
Easy Piano
best of everything
boogie beagle blues
bubba duck theme
chip n dale rescue rangers theme
disney afternoon theme
ducktales theme
fat cat stomp
friends for life
gummi bears theme
cummiberry juice
home is where the heart is
i'm gone
monkey in your tank
rough, tough burley sailor song
sky pirates
stage blight opera
tale spin theme
you're the best bee for me

Disney, Best Of
Easy Piano
ballad of davey crockett
bare necessities
bibbidi bobbidi boo
candle on the water
chim chim cher-ee
disco mickey mouse
dream is a wish your heart makes, a
he's a tramp
i wanna be like you
i'm late
it's a small world
lavender blue
let's go fly a kite
mickey mouse march
never smile at a crocodile
once upon a dream
scales and arpeggios
siamese cat song
so this is love
spoonful of sugar
sweet surrender
these are the best of times
whale of a tale, a
winnie the pooh
wonderful thing about tiggers, the
work song
you can fly, you can fly
zip a dee doo dah

Kids' Music Collection

This is an intermediate level collection, probably best for a parent playing for his/her children, as the arrangements are fairly difficult.
A wide variety of favorites in this collection, from patriotic music, to old favorites, nursery rhymes, TV tunes, and lots more!

A you're adorable
america the beautiful
anchors aweigh
baa baa black sheep
ballad of gilligan's isle
batman theme
bein' green
C is for cookie
can you read my mind?
the chicken dance
ding dong the witch is dead
does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?
free willy
go go power rangers
happy birthday
hey diddle diddle
high hopes
huckleberry hound
humpty dumpty
i believe i can fly
i taut i taw a puddy tat
if i only had a brain
i'd like to teach the world to sing
i'll be there for you (theme from Friends)
jack and jill
josie and the pussycats
linus and lucy
little boy blue
luke and leia
mairzy doats
merrily we roll along
the merry go round broke down
my little buckaroo
over the rainbow
peter peter pumpkin eater
pink panther
scooby doo
singin in the bathtub
the song that doesn't end
star spangled banner
star wars
take me out to the ball game
talk to the animals
theme from Inspector Gadget
theme from The Simpsons
theme from Superman
this is it (bugs bunny show)
tiny toon adventures theme song
top cat
wakko's america
we're off to see the wizard

Linus and Lucy, Pink Panther
Plus 15 All-Time Favorites

Easy Piano

Arrangements are around mid-easy, this collection contains songs kids (and adults young at heart) will very much enjoy playing. The flip side is there are melodic adult songs that kids will love to play, once they hear them!
batman theme
(everything i do) i do it for you
greatest love of all
linus and lucy
love theme st. elmo's fire
music box dancer
out here on my own
over the rainbow
pink panther
send in the clowns
theme from ice castles (through the eyes of love)
up where we belong
we're off to see the wizard

Raffi: Children's Favorites
Easy Piano

Over 50 songs to delight children everywhere, in easy-to-play, full sounding arrangements with complete lyrics and guitar fretboards. Excellent quality throughout. Very large collection, and a very hard to find collection!
all i really need
apples and bananas
baby beluga
bowling song
brush your teeth
comin down the chimney
corner grocery store
de colores
down by the bay
eight piggies in a row
every little wish
everthing grows
fais dodo
goodnight irene
haru ga kita
he's got the whole world in his hands
i wonder if i'm growing
i'm in the mood for love
if i had a dinosaur
just like the sun
let's make some noise
like me and you
more we get together, the
mr. sun
my way home
oh me oh my
old macdonald had a band
on christmas morning
one light one sun
peanut butter sandwich
riding in an airplane
rise and shine
saturday morning
shake my sillies out
sharing song, the
six little ducks
somewhere in the world
teddy bear hug
thanks a lot
this little light of mine
this old man
time to sing
walk walk walk
wheels on the bus
willoghby wallaby woo

Mr. Rogers Songbook
Easy Piano
are you brave?
days of the week
everything grows together
going to marry mom
happy birthday, happy birthday
i like to be told
i'm taking care of you
it's such a good feeling
just for once
let's think of something to do (while we're waiting)
one and one are two
peace and quiet
please don't think it's funny
sometimes people are good
then your heart is full of love
there are many ways (to say i love you)
tree, tree, tree
what do you do?
when a baby comes
when the day turns to night
won't you be my neighbor? (it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood)
you can never go down the drain
you're growing
you've got to do it

Rodgers and Hammerstein Children's Songbook
Intermediate Piano

Although listed as Easy Piano, the arrangements in this collection are more at the intermediate level. Probably best for adults playing the songs to their children, rather than a songbook for children to be able to play.
a hundred million miracles
all i owe ioway
bali ha'i
cinderella march
cinderella waltz
climb ev'ry mountain
dites-moi (tell me why)
getting to know you
happy talk
i whistle a happy tune
in my own little corner
it's a grand night for singing
kansas city
my favorite things
oh, what a beautiful mornin'
on a lopsided bus
one foot, other foot
the march of the siamese children
the sound of music
the surrey with the fringe on top
you've got to be carefully taught

150 Songs With Just 3 Chords
Easy Piano
a hunting we will go
a tisket, a tasket
ach du lieber augustin
aloha oe
amazing grace
animal fair
au clair de la lune
auld lang syne
away in a manger
baa baa black sheep
banana boat song
battle cry of freedom, the
battle hymn of the republic
believe me if all those endearing young charms
big rock candy mountain
bill bailey won't you please come home
billy boy
black is the color
blest be the tie that binds
blue danube waltz
blue tail fly
boar's head carol
bridal chorus (lohengrin)
buffalo gals
bury me not on the lone prairie
campbells are coming, the
camptown races
careless love
carry me back to old virginny
church in the wildwood, the
come josephine in my flying machine
comin through the rye
country gardens
cradle song
daisy bell ( a bicycle built for two)
dark eyes
deck the hall
did you ever see a lassie
down by the riverside
down by the station
down in the valley
drink to me only with thine eyes
eency weency spider
every time i feel the spirit
foggy foggy dew, the
for he's a jolly good fellow
frankie and johnny
frere jacques
glow worm
go down moses
go tell aunt rhody
good night ladies
goodbye old paint
green grow the lilacs
hail hail the gangs all here
havah nagilah
he's got the whole world in his hands
hello ma baby
hey ho nobody home
holly and the ivy
home on the range
home sweet home
hot time in the old town tonight
how dry i am
i love you truly
i saw three ships
if you're happy and you know it
in the sweet by and by
irish washerwoman
jingle bells
joshua fit the battle of jericho
kum ba yah
la cucaracha
la paloma
listen to the mockingbird
little brown jug
loch lomond
london bridge
long long ago
looby loo
march slav
march of the three kings
marine's hymn
merry widow waltz, the
mexican hat dance
michael row the boat ashore
midnight special, the
minuet in g
musetta's waltz
my darling clementine
my old kentucky home
o sole mio
oh dem golden slippers
oh susannah
oh where, oh where has my little dog gone
old folks at home
old macdonald had a farm
on top of old smoky
over the river and through the woods
pat a pan
polly wolly doodle
put your arms around me, honey
red river valley, the
rock island line
rock of ages
row row row your boat
santa lucia
shall we gather at the river
she'll be comin round the mountain
shortnin bread
sidewalks of new york
silent night
silver threads among the gold
skip to my lou
sometimes i feel like a motherless child
sonata (themes)
st. james infirmary
star spangled banner
sweet molly malone
swing low sweet chariot
ta ra ra boom de ay
there is a tavern in the town
this old man
this train
three blind mice
turkey in the straw
twinkle twinkle little star
two guitars
volga boat song
wabash cannonball
when johnny comes marching home
when the saints go marching in
when you and i were young, maggie
will the circle be unbroken
yankee doodle
yellow rose of texas
zum gali gali

Big Book of Swing
Piano / Vocal / Guitar

Arrangements are at the intermediate level, some a bit harder. Melody is always in the piano part, so this is also an excellent collection for piano solo (great intermediate piano solo of "In the Mood!"). Almost all of the songs contain guitar fretboards above the staff, and of course all of the songs have complete lyrics, and solo line above the grand staff. Very nice collection!
air mail special
alright okay you win
always true to you in my fashion
any place i hang my hat is home
beat me daddy eight to the bar
best things happen while you're dancing
between the devil and the deep blue sea
boogie woogie bugle boy
bye bye blackbird
can't get out of this mood
don't get around much anymore
don't sit under the apple tree
drop me off in harlem
everybody loves my baby
five guys named moe
flat foot floogie
flying home
got a date with an angel
hit the road to dreamland
honeysuckle rose
i got the sun in the morning
i hear music
i let a song go out of my heart
i thought about you
i won't dance
i'm beginning to see the light
i'm gonna lock my heart
i'm putting all my eggs in one basket
i've got my love to keep me warm
i've got you under my skin
if you can't sing it (you'll have to swing it)
in the mood
is you is or is you ain't my baby
it could happen to you
it don't mean a thing if it ain't got swing
it's alright with me
it's de-lovely
the joint is jumpin
juke box saturday night
lazy river
leap frog
let's dance
love is just around the corner
lovely to look at
makin whoopee
mood indigo
my baby just cares for me
my ideal
on the sunny side of the street
opus one
rag mop
route 66
satin doll
saturday night the loneliest night of the week
she's funny that way
shoo fly pie and apple pan dowdy
somebody else is taking my place
sometimes i'm happy
steppin out with my baby
stompin at the savoy
a string of pearls
sweet and lovely
sweet sue
tain't what you do
take the a train
that old black magic
there'll be some changes made
tuxedo junction
when i take my sugar to tea
when the sun comes out
woodchopper's ball
you brought a new kind of love to me
you took advantage of me
you turned the tables on me
you'd be so nice to come home to
you're nobody till somebody loves you
your'e the cream in my coffee

Latin American Pops
Easy Piano

Arranged by John Brimhall. Includes lyrics, all arrangements around the "mid-easy" of easy piano.
alma con alma
beautiful maria of my soul (bella maria de mi alma)
chove chuva (constant is the rain)
contigo en la distancia
cu cu rru cu cu paloma
mi tierra (my homeland)
noche de ronda (be mine tonight)
quizas quizas quizas (perhaps perhaps perhaps)
quando quando quando (tell me when)
setembro (brazilian wedding song)
sin ti
tres palabras (without you)

Pop, Country, Movie and TV Hits:
arr. by Dan Coates

Easy Piano

One of the best easy piano collections in print. If you like the contents, get this book!
Arrangements are mid to upper easy, not too simple. But, the extra work is worth it, as the arrangements sound complete and satisfying.
Dan Coates is one of the very best arrangers around for Easy Piano, with an excellent feel for the keyboard.
Highly recommended collection.

Sheet Music Online Highly Recommended Collection
always - Atlantic Starr
always and forever - Heatwave
angel eyes - Jim Brickman
because you loved me - Celine Dion
count on me - Whitney Houston / Cece Winans
desperado - Eagles
dreaming of you - Selena
exhale (shoop shoop) - Whitney Houston
from a distance - Bette Midler
the greatest love of all - Whitney Houston
have you ever really loved a woman? - Bryan Adams
(everything i do) i do it for you - Bryan Adams
i just called to say i love you - Stevie Wonder
i'd lie for you (and that's the truth) - Meat Loaf
more than words - Extreme
one of us - Joan Osborne
open arms - Journey
reach - Gloria Estefan
the rose - Bette Midler
stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin
the sweetest days - Vanessa Williams
tears in heaven - Eric Clapton
wind beneath my wings - Bette Midler
you are not alone - Michael Jackson
you'll see - Madonna

angels among us - Alabama
the dance - Garth Brooks
go rest high on that mountain - Vince Gill
i can love you like that - John Michael Montgomery
i can't stop loving you - Ray Charles
i cross my heart - George Strait
i love the way you love me - John Michael Montgomery
i swear - John Michael Montgomery
i will always love you - Dolly Parton
if tomorrow never comes - Garth Brooks
in this life - Collin Raye
keeper of the stars - Tracy Byrd
one friend - Dan Seals
the river - Garth Brooks
singing the blues - Guy Mitchell
thousand miles from nowhere - Dwight Yoakam
to me - Barbara Mandrell
unanswered prayers - Garth Brooks
vows go unbroken (always true to you) - Kenny Rogers
your cheatin heart - Hank Williams
your love amazes me - John Berry

i'll remember - With Honors
lane's theme - 8 Seconds
over the rainbow - Wizard of Oz
canon in d - Ordinary People
send in the clowns - A Little Night Music
separate lives - White Nights
love affair, theme - Love Affair
new york, new york - New York, New York
(i've had) the time of my life - Dirty Dancing
tomorrow - Annie
two hearts - Buster
up where we belong - An Officer and a Gentleman
we're off to see the wizard - Wizard of Oz
will you be there - Free Willy

ashokan farewell - The Civil War (PBS series)
beverly hills, 90210 - Beverly Hills, 90210
i'll be there for you - Friends
jeopardy theme - Jeopardy
l.a. law (main title) - L.A. Law
linus and lucy - Peanuts Specials
love and marriage - Married With Children
masterpiece - Masterpiece Theatre
pink panther - The Pink Panther
suicide is painless - M*A*S*H
thank god for a friend like you - Hope and Gloria
chicago hope, theme from
inspector gadget, theme from
murder one, theme from
picket fences, theme from
simpsons, theme from

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