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We've been online since 1995 and have received lots of compliments from satisfied customers!
Here's some actual feedback that makes us feel GREAT!
Dr. Vaga
I have purchased quite a few things from the internet and I have never written to the businesses 
that I have purchased things from to commend them about their service.
In your case however I am prompted to do so.
I consider the entire process of purchasing a product from you as excellent.  
Not only am I impressed with your website and you clearly things are detailed, 
I am particularly impressed with the personal attention to my order and keeping 
me informed of the entire process.
You set a very good example and certainly a standard that many other businesses could learn from.
You are welcome for the purchase and my business.
Thank you.
Micheal Poe

Merry Christmas, Dr. Vaga.
The piano bench I ordered from you arrived today in good order. 
I want to thank you for the personalized level of service that your provided. 
I'm sure the bench will add to joy my family has in playing the piano. 
Again, I wish you the best of this holiday season.

With kind regards,
Francis John Connell

Hi Dr. Vaga,
It suddenly occurred to me that I never wrote back after receiving my bench to let you know 
how much I liked it (I do remember it came right when I was in the middle of a bad 2-week cold, 
so I'll use that as my excuse... :-)
Anyway...I love it!  I'm not much of a furniture kinda guy, but it looks great 
(definitely the nicest looking thing in my apartment).  It hadn't occured to 
me that it would arrive without the legs on, so there was a moment of panic 
(I'm very mechanically un-inclined), but a wrench and 10 minutes later I was 
sitting on it.  It's rock solid, very firm yet comfortable, and the height-adjustment 
mechanism works like a charm.  All in all, I never want to sit on anything else. :-)
Thanks again for all your help before the purchase also; you were a big help 
in answering all my questions!  I may be ordering another one someday...but it won't be this month. :-)

Mr. Rein P. Vaga, D.M.A.
Received the piano bench cushion today. I am very pleased with the cushion. It looks very nice on 
my piano bench and fits just perfectly.  The color is exactly as I hoped it would 
be and the workmanship is superb.
Thank You,
Lillian Johnston

Dear Dr.Vaga,
Just a line to let you know that the music I ordered for Derek on the 10.12.03,
arrived on Wednesday 15.12.03,in perfect condition. He was absolutely delighted.
He had been searching for the books for almost 50 years.
I must Thank you for your excellent service.
All the best for 2004.
Thanks again.
Vicky and Derek Reed.

Got the bench. It's a beauty!!! Great pick on the leather. Wonderful advice. 
Pay up, get leather, it's worth it!
You were absolutely right. Thanks for your help.  Melissa

Mr. Vaga,
Thanks for your reply...I look forward to the new bench that will be used with 
my 1923 Stienway Grand, a wonderful instument that my Grandfather purchased when he 
had a new home built here in St. Louis in 1923. My mother played this piano when a 
young woman and I learned to play on it when I started taking lessons back in the early 1950's. 
The new bench will be a great addition to this beautiful piano.
Thanks too for the earthlights link....great picture!
Doug Hundley

Your free worksheets are amazing!
Being a first year music teacher, I am grateful for this help.
Kerry Lee Hunt

Dear Dr. Vaga,
Just a quick note to let you know that the piano bench arrived right on schedule. 
It was very well made and easy to assemble.  The best part was when Marilyn sat down to play.  
She was so pleased with the comfort and support the bench provided and simple it was to adjust.  
We are both delighted with the bench and with your wonderful service.  We look forward to 
doing business with you again in the future and will highly recommend you to people we know.
All best regards
Bob Schwartzberg and
Marilyn Ross

Dear Sir:
I am writing to say how happy I am to have found your website... 
I received my order today and will most definitely be ordering again very soon .... 
I am thrilled with the music....  Thank you so much for having such a great company and website....
Respectfully ,
Jean M

Greetings – This is just a short note to let you know that the piano bench arrived safely, 
and it is wonderful! Very comfortable, easily seats two during piano lessons, 
and is worthy of being placed before my recently-rebuilt 1927 Steinway "M".
Many thanks and best regards,
Richard Cameron-Wolfe

I'd just like to say thanks for all of the great things you've got on this website. 
As a high school student  just starting to teach piano, I need all the help I can get! :)  
I really appreciate the work you've done to help so many other teachers out there.
Sarah Montgomery

Dear Dr. Vaga,
I just came across your website with all the free sheet music downloads.  This is fantastic!  
I was a piano teacher in the US for 7 years, but am now living in Tibet studying Tibetan language.  
My language tutor has a 5 year old who was given an electric keyboard.   
My tutor won't allow me to pay for language lessons, but as an exchange 
I've offered to teach her daughter piano.  Obviously, here in the 3rd world there are 
utterly no resources for piano teaching, so to find your site was a total boon.

Should be very interesting - trying to teach piano to a little girl who knows no English, 
and I very little Tibetan.  I'll have to rethink how to describe all the symbols and their names!

Thank you again.  With best wishes,
Stephannie Piro

Hi Rein,

We received our order today - the caster cups are just perfect!  Thank you so much 
for the prompt service.  We especially appreciate it, since we waited weeks for the 
same order to come in to our local music store - Music Lover's Shoppe.  After the 
sketchy ordering process, very poor communications about our order, lack of information 
about exactly where the caster cups were, and terrible customer service when I called 
them on the phone, I finally told them that I was on my way to the store for a refund 
of my deposit.  A very frustrating experience and nothing to show for it!

My experience with Sheet Music Online, on the other hand, was wonderful!  
The ordering process was easy, the communication about the order was excellent, 
and we are very pleased with the prompt service and the product! 

Thank you, again.

Claire Thomas

Hi Dr. Vaga...just wanted to let you know that I rec'd the cushion and it is 
just lovely...the burgundy color is rich-looking and the overall quality is terrific.  
I've been needing to replace the one I had for some time now and am very happy with your merchandise.  
thank you, Sandra


My piano bench cushion arrived today and I am THRILLED!!!.  It is just what I had hoped 
it would be when I placed my order.  I'm so glad I found you on the "web" and I will 
keep your address for the future as well as passing it on to others.

Thank you

Norma Elias 

Dear Dr Vaga

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for your making your teachers resources 
available and FREE!  Your worksheets are an invaluable resource in my music lessons, 
and I am so grateful to you for the time and effort they represent, and how 
much time they save me!!  Their progressive and easy to follow nature are 
just perfect for beginner students in schools!!

Maree Worker

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