BACH, J.S. Goldberg Variations, BWV 988  
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HN-159 G. Henle Verlag
Henle Urtext Edition
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Note regarding editions from Dr. Vaga:
The Peters edition has more fingerings provided than any other edition. Consider the Peters edition if you have never studied the Goldberg. The Henle edition is a more authoritative Urtext, is overall the very best edition in print, but does not provide nearly as many fingerings. There are considerable differences between fingerings (Peters vs. Henle), as well as differences in score layout. Fingering implies phrasing, so the differences are significant. Neither edition has realized ornamentation, the addition of fingering above ornaments in the Peters helps.
The best edition for learning the ornaments is the Kirkpatrick edition, as the ornaments are written out above the staff. In this respect, the Kirkpatrick is a wonderfully helpful edition, however there are no fingerings.

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