BACH, J.S. Fantasies, Preludes and Fugues   
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HN-219  G. Henle Verlag
Henle Urtext Edition
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FANTASIES -Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue d BWV 903, 903a; -and Fugue in a BWV 904; -with an unfinished Fugue in c BWV 906; -and Fugue in a BWV 944; -in g (duobus subjectis) BWV 917; -in c (on a Rondo) BWV 918; -in c BWV 919; Fantasie in a BWV 922; PRELUDE AND FUGUES -in a BWV 894; -in F BWV 901; Prelude in G BWV 902, 1; -on a theme by Albinoni in b BWV 923, 951; FUGUE -on the same theme by Albinoni in b BWV 951a; -in C BWV 946; -in a BWV 947; -in d BWV 948; -in A BWV 949; -on a theme by Albinoni in A BWV 950; -after Reinken in B-flat BWV 954; -after Erselius in B-flat BWV 955

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