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Jansen Piano Benches
Poeschl Piano Benches

Online since 1995! All benches/stools below ship to you within 1-2 days via UPS
A personal note from Dr. Rein P. Vaga, D.M.A. - Owner, Sheet Music Online:
My background in music (Asst Prof. classical/jazz piano) as well as my background in refinishing, tuning and repairing of pianos is reflected in the piano benches I decide to offer for sale via our online store. If you buy from this web site, you are in effect buying based on my personal recommendations.
Both Jansen and Poeschl are tier-1 piano bench manufacturers in the U.S.; Jansen makes the benches for all new Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin etc. pianos, Poeschl unfortunately could not survive the economic downturn and has gone out of business.
Recommended quality at a low price means satisfied, happy, repeat customers, with future sales guaranteed by customers' recommendations. That's our consistent goal - and our "niche" as an online store. And it works! We've been at it since 1995, and we are now one of the top retail outlets for Jansen!