Beginner's Guitar Course,Vol. 2
CDROM Product - Playing Rock & BluesCD-ROM  
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Hal Leonard is pleased to introduce this multimedia CD-ROM series from eMedia Music,the leading publisher of music instruction software. The Beginner's Guitar Course offers an exciting way to quickly learn to play guitar. Professional guitar instructor Kevin Garry,Ph.D. guides with video demonstrations of techniques. Songs and exercises can be heard as either live recorded audio or variable-speed MIDI tracks. As the music plays,an animated fretboard guides the student through the correct fingerings. Each volume includes valuable accessories: an automatic tuner,metronome,chord dictionary and recorder. The multimedia lessons and built-in accessories offer tremendous value and make learning fun and easy! Volume 2 - Playing Rock & Blues: Over 30 easy-to-follow lessons introduce playing rock and blues,including power chords,rock syncopation,palm muting,blues rhythm,the 12-bar blues and more!

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