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BACH, J.S. Suites,Sonatas,Capriccios and Variations
G. Henle Verlag
Henle Urtext Edition


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Adagio in G after the Violin Sonata in C BWV 968; Aria variata in a BWV 989; Capriccio sopra la lontananza in B-flat BWV 992; Capriccio in E BWV 993; Second Menuet from French Suite in c BWV 813a; Menuet from French Suite in E-flat BWV 815a; Menuet 1 from the Pianobook for W. F. Bach in G BWV 841; Menuet 2 from the Pianobook for W. F. Bach in g BWV 842; Menuet 3 from the Pianobook for W. F. Bach in G BWV 843; Overture in F BWV 820; Prelude et Partita del Tuono Terzo in F BWV 833; SUITES -in a BWV 818a; -in a BWV 818; -in E-flat BWV 819; -in E-flat BWV 819a; -in f BWV 823; -in A BWV 832; SONATAS -in D BWV 963; -in d after the Violin Sonata in a BWV 964; after Reinken in a BWV 965; -after Reinken in C BWV 966; -in a BWV 967 Click Here for Complete Listing and Order Link