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Due to insurmountable issues we have been experiencing with Poeschl, we will no longer be offering or recommending their keyboard benches.
All warranty coverage for previous Poeschl customers is still valid and of course will be honored.

I strongly urge you to consider the highest quality benches manufactured in the U.S.: Jansen Piano Benches.
We have been selling Jansen benches for several years, and continue to enjoy a wonderful relationship with this company.
Jansen keyboard benches also include storage under the lid.

Jansen is considered to be "the flagship of the industry," and as such is contracted to supply all benches for Steinway & Sons, Yamaha (U.S.), Baldwin, and other top quality piano manufacturers.
I am so confident with Jansen's undisputed quality, that we offer their benches with a
complete money-back guarantee.

Dr. Rein Peter Vaga, D.M.A.
Owner - Sheet Music Online

Please take a moment to look at the quality of Jansen benches.
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Jansen Piano Benches



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